German variation of Magdalen
"woman from Magdala or high tower"

Magda Origin and Meaning

The name Magda is a girl's name of German origin.

On "Sex and the City," Magda was the elderly nanny from the old country -- which is what this name sounds like. While Magdalene and Magdalena are enjoying fresh life, Magda still feels dated.

Magda Popularity

Famous People Named Magda

  • Magdolna "Magda" GaborHungarian,American actress and socialite
  • Magdalene Mary "Magda" SzubanskiAustralian actress and comedienne
  • Magda ApanowiczCanadian actress
  • Magda LinettePolish pro tennis player
  • Magdelena Patricia "Magda" FoyAmerican child actress in silent films
  • Magda von DolckeDanish actress; mistress of King Oscar II of Sweden
  • Magda GenuinItalian skier
  • Johanna Maria Magdalena "Magda" Goebbelswife of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels
  • Magda IlandsBelgian distance runner
  • Magda LászlóHungarian soprano
  • Magdolna "Magda" LenkeiHungarian swimmer
  • Elena "Magda" Lupescumistress and later wife of King Carol II of Romania

Magda in Pop Culture

  • MagdaMiranda's Ukrainian nanny on TV's "Sex and the City"
  • Magda Kewleycharacter from "What Real Life Is"
  • Magda EisenhardtMarvel comic character, wife of Magneto
  • Magda SingerAmerica Singer's mother in "The Selection" series by Kiera Cass
  • Magda Ellensteinprotagonist and playable character in Helix Waltz
  • Magdaa character from the James Bond film Octopussy
  • Magda Burlixa character from The Edge Chronicles books
  • Magda Czajkowskicharacter on British soap opera EastEnders
  • MagdaRick Spleen's housekeeper on British sitcom Lead Balloon
  • MagdaPetra Solano's mother on American telenovela "Jane the Virgin"
  • MagdaMary Jensen's tan neighbor in the Farrelly brother's film "There's Something About Mary"