Variation of Wallace
"a Welshman, Celt"

Wallis Origin and Meaning

The name Wallis is a girl's name meaning "a Welshman, Celt".

Famously borne by the woman (born Bessie) for whom an English king sacrificed his throne, Wallis has the force of a masculine name with a distinctive spelling to set it apart from the boys. Anthony Edwards revived it for his daughter, and we're hearing some buzz about it on Nameberry.

Famous People Named Wallis

  • (Bessie) Wallis Warfield SimpsonDuchess of Windsor, American socialite; wife of Britain's King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor
  • Wallis BirdIrish singer,songwriter
  • Wallis CurrieWood, American actress

Wallis in Pop Culture

  • Wallis and Futunaislands in the South Pacific