"strength or exalted one"

Brighid Origin and Meaning

The name Brighid is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "strength or exalted one".

Brighid is the original Gaelic form of the name of the mythological goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom. More commonly found these days in any number of different guises: Bridget, Brigid, Brigitte et al. Whatever form it takes, Brighid is one of the most classic and enduring Irish names for girls.

Famous People Named Brighid

  • Brighid FlemingAmerican child actress
  • Brighid Nic GearailtIrish poet and noblewoman
  • Catherine Brighid LivingstoneAustralian businesswoman

Brighid in Pop Culture

  • Brighidmain character in 'Brighid's Quest' and 'Elphames Choice' by PC Cast

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