Feminine variation of Aquilo, Latin

Aquilina Origin and Meaning

The name Aquilina is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "eagle".

A lot of parents claim to want a name that's different, but if you really do, Aquilina, modern-feeling but based on an ancient favorite, would be one good choice.

Aquilina Popularity

Famous People Named Aquilina

  • Saint AquilinaLebanese child martyr
  • Akilina LaptinskayaRussian monk Rasputin's follower and secretary
  • Lauren AquilinaEnglish singer,songwriter

Aquilina in Pop Culture

  • Aquilinacourtesan in "Venice Preserv'd" by Thomas Otway
  • Aquilinacharacter in "Melmoth reconcilie" by Honore de Balzac