Greek, Feminine variation of Apollo, Greek sun god.

Apollonia Origin and Meaning

The name Apollonia is a girl's name of Greek origin.

This name of a third-century Christian martyr has an romantic, appealing feel in the modern world. It first came to American attention via Prince's love interest in the film Purple Rain.

St. Apollonia of Alexandria propelled her name into great popularity in the Middle Ages; her name is invoked against toothaches.

Apolonia, one 'l', is the name of a character in John Steinbeck's novel, The Pearl.

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Famous People Named Apollonia

  • Saint Apollonia2nd,century Christian martyr
  • Patricia "Apollonia" KoteroAmerican singer/actress
  • Apollonie Sabatier (born Aglaé)French artists' model/muse
  • Apollonia Saintclairillustrator (erotica)
  • Karin Apollonia MüllerGerman,born photographer

Apollonia in Pop Culture

  • ApolloniaGreek feminine form of Apollo, meaning "destroyer"
  • Apolloniacharacter in film "Purple Rain;" played by Apollonia Kotero
  • Apolloniacharacter on TV's "Carnivale"
  • Apollonia VitelliCorleone, character in "The Godfather" saga
  • Apolloniaone of Carla's many middle names on "Cheers"