"who is like God?"

Micaiah Origin and Meaning

The name Micaiah is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "who is like God?".

Spelling variation of Michaiah, an obscure but attractive name used for both men and women in the Bible.

Micaiah Popularity

Famous People Named Micaiah

  • Micaiah Diondae "Dion" Glover was an American basketball player formerly in the NBA. Glover created the Dion Glover Foundation in 2000. A nonprofit organization, it operates only on the support of charitable contributions and donations for educational, medical and scientific purposes, all being devoted to youth aid and development.
  • Micaiahprophet who prophesied Ahab's death (1 Kings 22)

Micaiah in Pop Culture

  • Micaiaha female character in the video game Fire Emblem
  • Biblical pronunciation is myKAY,ah