Hebrew or Egyptian
"drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved"

Maria Origin and Meaning

The name Maria is a boy's name meaning "drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved".

Although almost always feminine in the first name spot, Maria (and its French cognate Marie) are regularly used in the middle or in compound first names in Catholic cultures. Famous examples include Austrian poet Rainier Maria Rilke, Italian composer Giovanni Maria Nanino, and German fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer.

Maria ultimately derives from the Hebrew name Maryam/Mariam. The original meaning of Maryam is uncertain, but theories include "drop of the sea" (from Hebrew roots mar "drop" and yam "sea"); "bitter" (from Hebrew marah "bitterness"); and "beloved" (from the Egyptian root mr).

Famous People Named Maria

  • René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria "Rainer" RilkeBohemian,Austrian poet
  • José María Alfredo Aznarformer Prime Minister of Spain
  • José María "Pechito" LópezArgentine racing driver
  • José María OlazábalSpanish golfer

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