Form of Herman or Armen
"soldier or wish, hope"

Armin Origin and Meaning

The name Armin is a boy's name of German, Israeli origin meaning "soldier or wish, hope".

Possibly related to the Ermin- names (which gave us Emma and her variants) or to Herman OR to the Persian/Kazakh/Armenian names Arman or Armen, this is an unusual choice which fits current trends.

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Armin Popularity

Famous People Named Armin

  • Armin AlesevicBosnian,Swiss footballer
  • Armin BacinovicSlovenian football midfielder
  • Armin van BuurenDutch trance music producer
  • Armin CerimagicBosnian footballer playing for Poland
  • Armin HalitovicBosnian politician
  • Armin HodzicBosnian football player
  • Armin ShimermanAmerican actor
  • Armin SmajicBosnian,Croatian football manager
  • Armin MasovicBosnian,Austrian footballer
  • Armin MuellerStahl, German actor
  • Armin PavicCroatian linguist and theologist
  • Armin TankovicBosnian football player
  • Armin ZöggelerItalian Olympic luger
  • Armin HahneGerman racing driver

Armin in Pop Culture

  • Armin Arlertcharacter from anime/manga "Attack on Titan"
  • Armin TamzarianAKA Seymour Skinner ("The Simpsons")