Spelling variation of Cameron, Scottish
"crooked nose"

Kameron Origin and Meaning

The name Kameron is a boy's name meaning "crooked nose".

Kameron has become a very popular spelling for boys -- as are the condensed Kamron and Kamren.

The Kameron spelling took off in the 1980s, but the original Cameron has been used as a first name in the US at least since the 19th century, ranking among the boys' Top 1000 for nearly every year since 1880.

Despite the high profile of actress Cameron Diaz, both Cameron and Kameron are used far more often for boys than for girls. Kameron leans even more to the boys' side than the original, with a proportion of early 20 boy Kamerons for every girl, while with Cameron the proportion is about eight to one.

Kamran is an unrelated Iranian name, a perfect cross-cultural choice popular in the UK.

# 406 in the US

Kameron Rank in US Top 1000

Kameron Popularity

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Famous People Named Kameron

  • Kameron Darnell "Kam" ChancellorAmerican NFL player
  • Kameron CanadayAmerican NFL player
  • Kameron ChatmanAmerican basketball player
  • Kameron Kraig 'Kam' MickolioAmerican baseball pitcher
  • Kameron David LoeAmerican baseball pitcher
  • Kameron EsthayAmerican baseball player
  • Kameron "Grae" AlexanderAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Kameron Shaun FoxBermudian cricketer
  • Kameron PearcePaul, British rugby leaguer
  • Kameron BinkAmerican dancer, finalist on "So You Think You Can Dance"

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