Modern invented name

Braylen Origin and Meaning

The name Braylen is a boy's name of American origin.

Brayden meets Jalen to make Braylen, another entry in this trendy group of names.

While Braylen is drifting downward now, it's ranked among the Top 1000 boy names in the US for two decades and is sure to stay there for perhaps two more. Over 500 baby boys were named Braylen last year, and 40 baby girls, so while theoretically unisex, it's not really.

You'll find as many meanings for Braylen online as you'll find name sites, from broad valley to lion strength to gift of God to salmon, but Braylen is an invented name and has no meaning beyond being a combination of fashionable sounds.

# 573 in the US

Braylen Rank in US Top 1000

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