"oak tree"

Darragh Origin and Meaning

The name Darragh is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "oak tree".

Also Anglicized as Dara and also spelled Daire in its native form, Darragh has an undeniably rugged appeal. It's used for both girls and boys in Ireland, but it's very popular in particular for boys.

Darragh Popularity

Famous People Named Darragh

  • Darragh Ó SéIrish Gaelic footballer
  • Darragh Patrick LenihanIrish footballer
  • Darragh MarkeyIrish footballer
  • Darragh MacAnthonyIrish football chairman
  • Darragh LeaderIrish rugby union player
  • Darragh HurleyIrish rugby union player
  • Darragh ParkAmerican painter
  • Darragh RyanBritish footballer

Darragh in Pop Culture

  • Darragha character in the book "The Child of the Prophecy" by Juliet Marillier
  • Pronounced Dahrah