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  • Alluring Appellations and Marvelous Monikers

    Tolkien, Welsh, Roman/Greek mythology and even Shakespearean names make up my interesting list of prospects for future little ones. (Now comes with a dash of Roman emperors and Scandinavian darlings.) provided most of the meanings I have listed, along with

  • Baby Girl Names

    Funky but original names !

  • Unique Girl Names

    Find the perfect beautiful name for your daughter that is unique.You may find names from the beginning of time and some names that are popular now.

  • "A" names for girls

    My favorite names that begin with the letter "A".

  • "T" and "L" Middle names

    Names That I love for middle names. Although I'm sure they would be great first names as well.

  • .... Jack Hart ....

    What to use as a first name ?

  • 10 Names

    Confession: I'm one of THOSE girls that daydreams about names that sound good with HIS last name, even though we're not even close to that point in our relationship... friendship... acquaintance... Anyway, I hope Mr. Man'll have his own well-thought-out opinions (do guys think about this like girls do?), but if not, this is what I've got. I even found middle names. I focused on meaning as that's becoming important to me. But rhythm factored in (Mr. Man has a one syllable last name); I avoided one-syllable middle names. "Why 10?!" b/c I want 5-9 kids. Even with 4 in mine I felt we had more love to give. But I never want to be the parent who doesn't have time to KNOW/LOVE/CHERISH each child uniquely; I've seen families with 9 who do this- others not quite, so we'd play it by ear. But 10, being in the teens, seems too extreme (for me). I'm a fan of adoption, too! There is nothing more beautiful than second chances : ) Obviously Mr. Man will have a say but he's not here yet...

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    Boys & Girls

  • 11 Names // It's a Hill, Get Over It

    Maybe you are a walker. Maybe you like good hilltop views. Maybe your baby was simply born in a hospital on a hill. These names all have 'hill' in their meaning.

  • 2 Broke Girls

    Boys & Girls

  • 2012 baby girl list

  • 2014 ABC Names List

    A list of my top 26 baby names of 2014, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet, for boys and girls.

  • 2nd Little Boy

  • 3 letter girl names

    girl names that are mostly nicknames, but i would consider using them as full names for the most part. 3-4 lettered names.

  • 40s Girls' Names

    Chic girls' names from the 1940s.

  • a (about) Favorite Names :)

    My favorite names for boys and girls! I'm sure you will love them too :)

  • A - Z All My Favorite Names

    Constantly changing, forever in progress.

  • A cool mix of names

    This list is of names boys and girls that is the perfect mix. Not to unusual but not to common, just some names to keep it fresh.

  • A good name is rather to be chosen...Proverbs22:1

    Names I'm considering to use!

  • A List of Master Number Names

    Names that add up to 11 or 22 in modern numerology

  • A list of Weird (to me) Names I secretly like

    I'm someone who generally leans toward more common, mainstream names so to me these are a little more out there than I'm used to admitting to liking! enjoy my quirky name list!

  • A Name for Success

    A list of baby names that will give your child an edge in the workforce, business world, and beyond!

  • A- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. d denotes a name that is also a dinosaur.

  • A- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Aaron-Zoe; Popular Names re-imagined into Irish Gaelic

    Popluar worldwide names conformed to Irish Gaelic orthography and given new meanings - Ainmneacha domhanda athmhúnlaithe de réir litriú na Gaeilge agus brí nua tugtha dóibh

  • Abby's Awesome Favorites


  • Abstract Names

    This list is definitely not for everyone. In a search for a strong name not only for a baby but with strong backgrounds as well I found myself stumped. I tried to dig up history names, Scientists, innovators, world-changers, Classics, elegance, sturdiness, and even geek culture. I wanted something BOLD and free. I read too much on how names can sometimes effect the outcome of an individuals life (Dennis' have a likelihood towards Dentistry!) I became engrossed in this chase for the perfect all encapsulating name, until I just stopped thinking and decided to let the words pick the name. There are some favorite basics, and some words with definitions that have incredible meaning to my situation and traditional names or annoying or whatever, they speak a confidence I had only wished for and maybe someday a little one of my own may bring the name to a bold place in the world. ^_^

  • Adorable A's

    Boy & Girl A names

  • Alabama

    Boys & Girls

  • All Famous People Deciding on Baby Names SHOULD READ This List

    Are you a famous person who's into exotic, intriguing, and unusual baby names? Are looking to over throw North West and Alabama Gypsy Rose? Did you already try brainstorming creative and original names with no success? Well then, this is the list for you. *Please check out my other lists

  • All Time Favorites

  • All Time Favourites

    My favourite names for a future child (no. 1 spots at the moment are Castiel or November)

  • Alphabet Boys Names

    My favorite boys names for every letter of the alphabet.

  • Ancient (mostly) and/or Internationally-Inspired Names

  • Ancient Greek Girl Names

    Ancient Greek names are very much neglected, but a lot of their latinised counterparts are popular. Most of these names are not in the Namberry database. Here are some unique and interesting Ancient Greek Girl names worth considering.

  • Ancient Names

    In this magnificent list are names from powerful and evocative mythologies and legends. Some are just words that sound beautiful. I've focused on diverse cultures, such as Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Latin. Additional note, these names are extremely rare, yet usable, and if you want to name your child with something unique, I can promise you will find it here.

  • Angel Baby

    Gender neutral name ideas for our little angel 5/23/2014.

  • Animal Names

    Names that are after animal species or genders. Typically can be gentle or bold. Some, people won't even know are animal names until you tell them!

  • Antagonists and Anti-Heroes

  • Appealing Non-English Words

    Countless names are common words in the English language, and while some might be outrageous, many are simply normal or cool. But if you're looking for something unique with a pleasant, harmless translation, common words in another language might be the way to go. Here's a list of appealing, non-English words to consider.

  • Arizona

    Boys & Girls

  • Arkansas

    Boys & Girls

  • Arthurian names for Boys and Girls

    Love king Arthur and all of the myths and people surrounding him? Here's a selection (not compliation!) of boy, girl, and unisex names mentioned in Arthurian legend or loosely related.

  • Astronomical Names for Girls

    Heavenly, atmospheric names from the lofty reaches of the galaxies.

  • Australian Baby Names

    A mixture of Patriotic names, Australian place names, Australian Aboriginal names, names traditionally associated with Australia, names of famous Australian's and names Australian's love.

  • Autumn Names

    Names inspired by the season.

  • Autumnal Names

    This is a list of names (or words used as names) that conjure up an image of the beginning of fall. So far, incomplete.

  • Avatar Names: Name your Baby as the Next Avatar

    Eventhough it is just a show, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra include some of the greatest names with the most powerful and beautiful meanings. Pick some up and hope that your baby will grow up as great as these characters.

  • Avicultural Names

    This is a list of bird names. A lot of these names can be used for either gender, so don't be afraid to name a boy Finch (think Atticus Finch) or Lark and a girl Falcon or Hawk.

  • B- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • B- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Baby #2

    Favorite names for my second baby. Due May 2014.

  • Baby #2 Due 12/13/15

    It's a BOY! The husband and I are having a really hard time coming up with another boy name that we can agree on. I like the sort of unique not so heard of names and he just kinda shrugs at me or makes a face. Not getting much input from Papa..

  • baby #3

    Boy & girl named for baby #3

  • baby #3

  • Baby #3 Name List

  • Baby #3 names

    I need a boy name that goes with our two sons' names, Elias and Nicholas.

  • Baby Boy

  • Baby Boy

  • baby boy

  • Baby Boy

    My first child, my son, is predicted to be born January 23rd, 2016. Last name will be Quinones (keen-yo-nez). Middle and First name are still undecided.

  • Baby Boy

  • Baby Boy "C"

    Looking for a C boy name we can love to go with big brothers, Caleb and Connor.

  • Baby boy #2

    A brother for Jasper John

  • Baby Boy #2 Names

    Male names for baby boy #2!

  • Baby Boy 3

    Finding a rare name to go with my other 2 boys Rowan and Asher.

  • Baby Boy Ayva

  • Baby Boy Blue #2

  • Baby BOY Garcia

    BOY names and meanings.

  • Baby Boy March 2014

    My favorites

  • Baby boy masten

    I'd like a traditional name but my husband wants a tough name.

  • Baby Boy Names

    A list of potential baby names for a boy if that is what I am having. Just want to keep my options open.

  • Baby Boy Names :)

    List of potential name's we love, for our sons.

  • Baby Boy Oct 2015

  • Baby Boy SD List

  • Baby Boy's :)

    A list of name's that my Husband and I are seriously considering for our future children. We love unique, uncommon, nature and word names.

  • Baby Boy<3

  • Baby Girl

    I like names that are unique but nothing that leaves a person shaking their head. I don't care for classics. No Kathryn, or Sara, Mary or Emma for my daughter. Im trying to find a feminine unique name. Ugh it's hard.

  • Baby Girl

  • Baby Girl

    Helena ______ M*****

  • Baby Girl

    If number three is a girl....

  • Baby girl

    Unusual, uncommon names for a Southern Hemisphere autumn baby

  • Baby Girl 2014

    We are expecting our second baby in January 2014. If it is a girl, here are the names we are considering. Big Sister's name is Virginia Rose.


  • Baby Girl Johnson, sister to Andrew

    easy-to-spell names that are recognizable as female. Names that make me think she is strong and smart

  • Baby Girl Jones Name Suggestions

    Expecting baby #5; found out it was a girl. Having a difficult time picking out a name since her elder siblings have very unique names. This list is for names that struck a cord and held up against other suggestions.

  • Baby girl Knox

    Our son's name is Toran and we are having a tough time deciding if we should go for an unusual name for our daughter as well of stick with one of the beautiful classic names out there.

  • Baby girl names

  • Baby Girl Names

    Names I am considering naming my baby girl..

  • Baby Girl Names

    A list of potential baby names for a girl if that is what I am having. Just want to keep my options open.

  • Baby Girl Names

    A list of names that are options for my baby if she is a princess and not a prince :)

  • Baby Girl Names :)

    List of potential name's we love, for our daughters.

  • Baby Girl Names I love!

  • Baby Girl Names That Will Be All Her Own

    I am looking for girl names that would be all her own. Our daughter, Nefretiri, owns her name and I want something at least slightly similar in terms of use and popularity if we have another girl.

  • Baby girl Pretzer

  • Baby Girl's :)

    A list of name's that my Husband and I are seriously considering for our future children. We love unique, uncommon, nature and word names.

  • Baby Lanning

  • Baby name list

    name of a baby boy

  • baby name list

  • baby names

    baby boy and baby girl names

  • Baby names for my little sister

    This list has all the names i would like my baby sister to be named.

  • Baby Names with Strong/Powerful Meanings

    People love to give their kids names that mean things like "beloved" or "happiness" and the like. I'm not dissing those, but I personally intend to give my children first names, at least, that have meanings that indicate power and authority (and being better in general).

  • Baby Number 4 <3

    We have a 5 year old boy- Milo Deegan, 3 year old daughter Violet Pearl and 2 year old daughter Hazel-Mae Sadie. I'm finding it very difficult to decide on a name (as always) due to not wanting to set a trend with the last baby eg flower names, food names, colour names etc. Any suggestions are welcome :)

  • Baby Parada

    Gathering up ideas for our near future babies!

  • Baby Shuck

  • Baby Trube #2

    Boys and girls names for our pending arrival...very difficult to decide on girls names!

  • Baby Vansell 2014

    Name idea's for our new little one coming soon!

  • baby Watterson the second!

  • Baby Whitmer 2015

  • Baby {S} Female Name Ideas

  • Baby {S} Male Name Ideas

  • BabyGirlAlex

    Names for our little Princess

  • Beautiful & Unique Boy Names

    A few of my favorites :}

  • Beautiful & Unique Girl Names

    A few of my favorites :}

  • Beautiful B's

    Boys & Girls

  • Beautiful Lady Characters

    All my ideas for my pretty dames.

  • Beautiful Meanings

  • Beautiful unique baby names

  • BeeBee

  • Beginning and End

    Boys & Girls names that start and end with the same letter

  • Best Botanicals

    Best botanical names for both girls and boys.

  • Best names

    my overall favorite names, their meanings, and their origins.

  • Best of the Boys

    A highfalutin mix of the classics, historical, vintage, with a bit of nature and place thrown in for good measure.

  • Beyond Grace and Heather: Virtue and word names.

    I have a soft spot for virtue and noun names. Most of these names could be used for either sex.

  • Biblical Boys and Girls

    Little list to help my brother and sister-in-law name their gift on the way!

  • Biblical Names that I love!

  • Biblical Place Names

  • Bird Names

  • Blinded by Science

    In honor of some of the greatest minds in human history.

  • Blue and Green Names

    Names that mean blue or green

  • Boho Chic Names

    for the stylish, earthy, free spirit

  • Bold and beautiful girls!

    Hopefully my husband will agree to some of these beauties.

  • Bones

  • Botanical names

  • Botanical Names

    Flowers, plants, and so on. WIP list.

  • botanicals for girls

  • Boy Middle Names

    There will be two middle names with the last name Miller.

  • Boy Name

    Possible names for my first born son. __ _ __ __ Vincent DeRosa

  • Boy Names

    The names I've chosen for my future sons aren't just classic names that I happen to love, but they're also names of fictional heroes.

  • Boy Names

    Top favorites

  • Boy Names

  • boy names

  • Boy names

    Talon Tyler Tanner Brennen/Brennan Camryn/Camren/Camron Camden/Camdon Damien Damon/Damen Brienne Colt Carter Layton Jordyn Blake Logan Donovan Ethan Kohl Vance Colin Owen

  • Boy Names

  • Boy Names

  • Boy Names - Last name Hook

    Boy names I like for the last name of hook

  • Boy Names Are Hard!!

  • Boy Names List

  • Boy Names List

  • Boy's Names

    My Favorite Names for Boys

  • Boy's Names 2014

    Our baby boy is due October 27th!!

  • Boys

  • BOYS

    My Boys Names!

  • Boys

  • Boys

    Round 1 Boys

  • Boys & Girls names that I LOVE atm (as of 4/28/15) - alphabetical order -

    These names are those that I wish to name my children one day.

  • Boys First Names

    My favorite boy names

  • Boys Names

  • Boys names

    A list of my favourite boys names which I will be continuously updating!

  • Boys Names that Sound Both Strong and Smart

    names I feel could belong to an athletic nerd, or a manly intellectual...

  • Boys names with animal related meanings

    Boys names that have been translated at least once somewhere (not necessarily on nameberry) as having a meaning related to animals.

  • Boys Plant Names

    Boys names that have to do with plants, flowers, etc

  • BOYS ||

    Boy names I love.

  • Boys' names

  • Boys- Strong leaders of the future

    My never ending list of bold boy names.

  • Brilliant B Names

  • Brown and Black Names

    Names that have meanings relating to brown and black

  • C- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • C- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Call me Superboy

    Superpowered names for boys... uber-masculine, matinee-hero, gritty & grimy grown up names that the most extreme guy's guy would approve of. To be found on professional snowboarders, bull riders, and international spies. And maybe your baby. :P (Oh, and I had to like them. Badass but not usable didn't make the cut. ;)

  • Cape Cod Baby Girl

    unique but not bizarre, sweet but smart...

  • Cat names

    Naming a black cat

  • Celestial

    Heavenly names

  • Celestial, Mythological and Spacy

  • Celtic Name Crushes

    Ways to honor my Scottish heritage :)

  • Cerebral Boy's Names

    Beautiful names for boys with literary, mathematical or scientific associations.

  • Chantels favourite names

    Just names that I like

  • Character Names

    Names I've used for characters in my fiction (for more information about that, see

  • Character Names + Name Ideas

    Names I use for my characters in my books, or might use in the future.

  • Character Names For A Book

    Are you an author who is in the market for that perfect name? Writing a book or novella? Here are some names that might strike your fancy! Some are modern, some classic, some unusual, some themed, etc.

  • Character Names- F

  • Child of the Sea

    Names and meanings pertaining to the sea/ocean/water

  • Chinese Names

    Characters to put together for Chinese mn. * For family names

  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean

  • Classic, short names

  • Clean and Pure

  • Cletus the Fetus

  • Clever Sibling Names

    Great sibsets that just work so well together, or make sense together.

  • Clipped

  • Collection #2

    Favourite names.

  • Color names

  • Color Names

    Colorized your life by using one of these vibrant names- and colors- for your baby.

  • Colorado

    Boys & Girls

  • Colour Names

    These names are either colours or they have colour meanings

  • cool names that would make a great character in a book

    ok so I'm an aspiring author and i use nameberry allot to find names for characters, anyway so i have some names that i think are a little more epic, serious or unique than most other names that i've come across. oh sorry if my spellings bad i was in a bit of a hurry when i wrote all this. :)

  • Cowboy & Southern

    Cowboy names and Southern names for both

  • Cozy C's

    Boys & Girls

  • Criminal Minds

  • CSI

  • CSI: NY

  • Current Favorite Names For Girls

    This is a list of my favorite names for girls. They change all the time!

  • Cute C Names

  • D- Boys

    ss denotes a name that is also a species specification.

  • D- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Darling D's

    Boys & Girls

  • Daughter

    Married since June 11, 2011. Besides taking care of each other, we also have a border collie and consider her our first child. No human babies yet nor are we trying to conceive, but that will most certainly be the situation in a year or two.

  • Different, Meaningful, but Familiar

  • Diminuitive Irish Names

  • E- Boys

    ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • E- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Earth's Children

    Unusual names that still sound appropriate. Meanings that derive from nature.

  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water

    Elemental names

  • Earthy/Nature Names

  • Eccentric Floral Names for Girls

    The non-traditional flower names, so no Rose and no Lily. This list includes some arboreal names. These are flower names ramped up and on edge almost to the point of not usable.

  • Eccentric Names

    names that are a bit out there, but likable

  • Elegant and Unusual Color Names for Girls

  • Elemental Names

  • Elven Folk

    The names of Tolkien's elves. Not all of them, just some of my favorites. Pronunciation guide given for the more difficult or unknown names. One thing to remember is that the double-dot diaresis accent above a letter means that the vowel is not silent, but separate from any other letter next to it, eg: Eärwen is not to be pronounced like English "ear", but rather as ay'arwen. source: The Encyclopedia of Arda and of course Tolkien's books themselves

  • Emona's fav names

  • Energetic E's

    Boys & Girls

  • Enid blyton names

  • Equestrian Inspired Names

    Names inspired by all things Equestrian related. Some are literal while others are just by the sound. Enjoy!

  • Established Original Character names

    Names for my Original Characters & their meaning/significance.

  • Europe's top names (boys)

    Trendiest names on the old continent.

  • Europe's top names (girls)

    Trendiest names on the old continent.

  • European History names

    names that remind me of favorite periods/places in European history, mostly medieval or older

  • Extensive- Beautifully Unusual Names for all Genders

    Unique names with beautiful meanings. (This is a list of names that are a mix of female, male, and unisex. NN= Nickname. If the name was manually typed in you'll notice that I put a definition, but if it was entered through the site you can just click on it for the site's definition.) Enjoy.

  • F- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • F- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Fairy and Elf Names

    Names of a fairy, faery, brownie, elvish/elvin, fay, nymph, pixie, sprite, or sylph nature. These are mostly female names, as I found far more female names than male in my searches. Many of these names were found here on Nameberry, but some of them were found on other name websites or in name books.

  • Family names

    FN, MN & LN of people in my family :-)

  • Family Names for Inspiration

  • Fantastic Boy Names

  • Fascinating F's

    Boys & Girls

  • Fav. unique names with meaning

  • Fave Boy's List of 2014

  • Favie Names

    Fave girl and boy names

  • Favorite Boy First Names

    All names will have two middle names with the last name Miller.

  • Favorite Boy Names

    Names I think would be superb first or middle names for a baby boy (for sure great first names if my son's weren't destined to have first names that start with the letter "R"). Either these names have meanings I find either profound, the name sounds great with baby's first and last name or I have a connection to the name either through relatives, friends or the nationality of the name's origin.

  • Favorite Boy Names

    Names I love! I've always been obsessed with names and truly believe names affect people - their personalities, character, success, etc. Here are some names I love right now!

  • Favorite Boy Names

    All of my favorite first and middle names for baby boys.

  • Favorite Boy Names

  • Favorite boy names

    list of boy names I like, hopefully this will help for when i have a boy XD

  • Favorite Boy Names

    I love a bunch of boy names, and I would like to share them with you!

  • Favorite Boy Names!

    I definitely prefer nature and value names for boys that retain a strength about them.

  • Favorite Boy Names, Middle Names, and Their Meanings

    Names and meanings. Done in alphabetical order, not by preference.

  • Favorite boy's names

    Just a bunch of boy's names that I absolutly adore. I fear I may be more partial to girls names though and my boy name list may be lacking.

  • Favorite Boy's Names

    These are some of my all-time favorite boy's names.

  • Favorite Boys Names

    Strong, powerful, deity, or nature inspired names. Some guilty pleasures for sure, others suited for individuals seeking 'pagan-lite' type names.

  • Favorite Girl First Names

    All names will have two middle names with the last name Miller.

  • Favorite Girl Names

    My favorite girls names.

  • Favorite Girl Names

  • Favorite Girl Names

    Catch-all list for girl names that strike my fancy

  • Favorite Girl Names

    List of my ideal cute and beautiful baby girl names.

  • Favorite Girl Names

    I'm a writer and I use nameberry to help me find the perfect names for my characters. This list is all my favorite female names!

  • Favorite Girl Names :)

  • Favorite girl's names

  • Favorite Girls

  • Favorite Girls Name

    Ever evolving list of strong, powerful, goddess, or nature inspired girl names. Some definite guilty pleasures.

  • Favorite Girls Names Ever

    These are my all time favorite girls names. Some are classic, others modern, and some even vintage but these are my tops picks.

  • Favorite Girls' List

    For girls, I prefer classic sounding names, not necessarily classic names.

  • Favorite Girls' Names

  • favorite names

  • Favorite Names

  • Favorite Names

  • Favorite Names

    Favorite names for either first or middle including favorite family names

  • Favorite Names

  • Favorite Night Names - Girls

    These are my favorite night-related names for girls.

  • Favorite Puritan Names

    Supposedly Puritans sometimes chose a random word from the Bible to use for their children's names. That would explain some of their more...interesting choices. You just can't make this up.

  • Favorites

    Some of my favorite names.

  • favorites

    sophia Aurora Amelia Arya noraline

  • Favorites ♡

    Names from various origins, mostly Spanish or Latin because of where I'm from (Latin America). Also includes names primarily used in English speaking countries; Guilty Pleasures, meaning names I love but would never pick and sentimental value, as in why I chose that name or in namesake of whom.

  • Favorites<3

  • Favourite Boy Names

    A collection of my favourite first and middle names for boys.

  • Favourite Boys' Names

  • Favourite Girls' Names

  • Favourite names at the moment

    Just some names I find beautiful. I'm Quarter Italian and Half Arabic, so some names have some exotic roots.

  • Favourite Names List

    Please vote!

  • Favourite Unusal Names

  • Favourites

    My Favourite names!

  • Favourites

    Pretty, cool or unique names that also happen to be my Favourites. ♥

  • Fiery Names

    Names relating to fire

  • Fighting Names

    Warriors, soldiers, protectors, guardians, etc.

  • Final List - opinions needed please

    Final list for little sister of Indira Sarah. Please rate.

  • First and Middle Names

    Boys names that sound badass.

  • First Names for Boys

    Names for baby boys :)

  • Fit for a Queen!

    Names that just sound so regal, sophisticated, beautiful, enchanting and just plain royal that are fit for a princess or queen regardless of whether a real princess of queen was even given one of these names.

  • Florida

    Boys & Girls

  • Flower & Plant names

    Names of flowers, shrubs, trees and other plants.

  • Flower and Nature names for girls

  • Flower Names

  • Flower names

    A list of names that are the flowers of the month and then other pretty flower names! I like to use them for the middle names of my story characters!

  • Flower Names for Girls

  • Flower/Plant Names

  • Flower/Tree Names I Love

  • For a girl with Egyptian, Indian & Welsh heritage - my shortlist

  • for biddies

    for characters

  • For Girls, From Girls

    My two daughters Florence Plum(8) & Beatrix Wren(5) put together a pretty, sassy, adventurous and classy mixture of names that are sure to have a little something for every girl!

  • Foreign Names That Sound Cool (boys)

    more or less what the title says XD

  • French Names

  • French Names for Nieces and Nephews

    Names that might suit the taste of my French-speaking brother and his wife.

  • Front Runners

    Names that seem like a real possibility to name my children.

  • Fruity Baby Names

    Are you searching for some fruity names to add to your fridge? Come here!

  • Full Spectrum

    Names of and related to colors

  • Future Baby #3

    I have 2 children right now and am looking forward to adding one more someday. My boy is Castor George: Castor was a strong, uncommon name with little-to-no nicknames. George is after my maternal grandfather. There has been a "George" in every generation of his family. My girl is Scarlett Eugenia. Scarlett is a strong, bright, classic girl's name. It also has some of the same letters and sounds as Castor does. Eugenia is after my paternal uncle and godfather, and it is my maternal grandmother's middle name. There has been a "Eugene" or some form of it in every generation on my father's side. For our third I would like to stick to the older more classical names, but would not rule out very uncommon names. We caught a lot of flack for naming our son Castor, but we love it and it fits him well. He is certainly one of a kind. I'd like a name with similar consonant and vowel combinations.

  • Future Girl Name Possibilities

    Here is a list of girl names that we are never going to be able to decide on. I really have a special place in my heart for "Audra" only because my Granny's name is Audrey and our daughter would be named after her. My Granny is one of the strongest and inspirational women in my life. I would be absolutely honored to have a daughter just as amazing as she is. **Paige is my middle name. I was named after my Papa (Granny's husband) because his middle name is Page but every person he knows just calls him Page. I also loved my middle name growing up because it made me feel like me and Papa had some special that no one else had with him. He is such a humble man. Whenever I got married, I took Paige off my name and made my maiden name my middle name. I didn't want to let that go so Matt and I agreed that whenever we had a little girl, we would carry it on with her.

  • Future Names

    I am African-American and my Fiance is Bulgarian and we both want names that are unique but have great meaning. So our names will reflect our culture and some will be traditional family names but most of them will not. Our true goal is to pick classic names with culture names. My plan is to use my maiden name Alexander as the boys middle name. As for the girls middle names it will vary.

  • future names!

    planning baby names now.

  • Future Son

  • G- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • G- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Galactic Baby Names

  • Gender Neutral Names

    Boys & Girls

  • Gendered names

    Gendered baby names

  • Gentlemen

  • Georgia

    Boys & Girls

  • Ginger Names

    Names meaning red haired or anything similar. For the gingers.

  • Girl Code

  • Girl Combinations

  • girl first names

  • Girl list

    If I were to have another.. our daughter's name is Kaedence Lynn

  • Girl Middle Names

    There will be two middle names for each first name with the last name Miller.

  • Girl Names

  • Girl names

  • Girl Names

  • Girl Names

    Welcome to my eclectic collection of girl names.

  • Girl names

  • Girl Names

    Top favorites

  • Girl Names

    For when I finally have a daughter ^_~

  • Girl names

  • Girl Names

  • Girl Names

    Any Girl names that catch my eye

  • Girl Names

    A list of names I like for a girl if we ever a second child.

  • Girl Names I love

    Some of my favorite girl names to consider for our little one. She will be a mix of Japanese/Filipino and Celtic/Scandinavian and we want the names to reflect her ancestry while also being fresh and unique.

  • Girl Names List

  • Girl Names That Don't Suck

    Classic, hipster, literary, offbeat names for girls, preferably with a badass historical female to give them meaning and no negative personal or celebrity associations.

  • Girl Names That End in the "ee" Sound

    This list is full of girls names that end in the "ee" sound (Ex: Ashley) along with the meaning. I will only supply the meaning if I find it quickly so I do not end up spending to much time on this list.

  • Girl Names That Have to Do With Music

  • Girl Names We Like

    We are expecting our third girl, our two older daughters are Grace Ellen and Rosabella Grace. We are looking for the perfect mix of old school charm without being over used.

  • Girl Names with Strong Meanings


    Middle Nanes for Girls

  • Girl's Names

  • Girl's Names for an Archaeologist

    Girl's names that relate to history or archaeology

  • Girlish

  • Girls

    These are my top girls names!!

  • Girls

    Daughters of mine...


    Girl Names!

  • Girls

    Round 1 of baby name names!

  • Girls

  • Girls

    names that i love for girls

  • Girls names

  • Girls Names

  • Girls Names

  • Girls Names

    My favorite names for girls

  • girls names I currently like

    I don't know if I have a particular naming style, but I like some unusual names, some ancient names with fun nicknames, I like unisex names for girls, word/place/nature names. My favorite is when names have a lot of nickname options. growing up with a name that didn't necesarily fit me, I definately would want any future children to have some say in their names.

  • Girls Names That Mean Light

    or something light related... (like stars)

  • Girls names with meanings

    Cool girl names with thought behind them. First and middle.

  • Girls Names!

    Girls names I LOVE!

  • Girls Plant Names

    Girls names that have to do with plants, flowers, etc.

  • Girls Water Names

    Girls names meanings having to do with water

  • Girls' Names

  • Give me an "R"

    My boyfriend's family has a long standing tradition of giving their sons names that start with the letter "R". If all my sons end up with "R" names or I end up without a son, a daughter or two may end up with an R names bestowed upon her. Here is a list of the "R" names I like- either for their sound, style, origin, or meaning.

  • Give your opinion on these names please

    Name with strong and beautiful meaning that can transcend time and place, cross cultures and carry our little sister from cradle to grave.

  • Gorgeous Girls

    Names that have struck my fancy because they are...Names that stand the test of time. Names that honor my rich heritage. Biblical names imbued with deep meanings. Names with admirable namesakes from history and literature. Names that have "light" meanings. Names that feel fresh, pure and simple. Versatile names for every season!

  • Gorgeous Names For Little Girls

  • Gothic Names for Girls

  • Grateful G's

    Boys & Girls

  • Great For Book Charcters

  • Great name, great meaning

    Gorgeous names I'm crushing on now that have a great meaning behind them too!

  • Greek and meaningful girl names

    For my princess

  • Greek Girl Names i Like

    A celebration of my Greek heritage :)

  • Greek Gods Names

  • Greek Myth Names: Beyond Athena and Orion (WIP)

    If you are passionate about mythology or have Greek heritage, why settle for a well known name such as Persephone or Iris? These names are inexplicably tied with mythology, but the following are unusual names with a history spanning millennia. Goodbye, Apollo and Artemis, hello Elpis and Acheron. (I suggest looking up the pronunciation, but two important rules are that the 'e' at the end is always pronounced 'ee' and that the c makes a hard kuh sound like in car.)

  • Greek Mythology Names

    Looking for an ancient Greek name for your little one or character? Here is a compilation of Greek names that are usable today. Source: Pronunciations are listed to the best of my abilities.

  • Greek Names

    Names that sound like they could be Greek

  • Greek Names

  • Greek Names

  • Greek Virtue Names For Girls

    A few of the undiscovered Greek virtue names for girls.

  • Green names

    Names with the meaning green

  • Guilty Pleasure Name's :)

    I really do love these names but they are not something we are considering!

  • Guilty Pleasure Names

    Names I love, but would never use.

  • Guilty Pleasure Names

  • Guilty Pleasures

    Names I like or think are really interesting that I would never actually use (or can't use).

  • Guilty Pleasures :)

    Did you mean Greek mythology?

  • H- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • H- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Halloween Names

    I love babies named after the time they were born. With Halloween approaching, why not look these dark/spooky name for your Halloween baby!

  • Happy Names

  • Harry Potter names

    Names of characters from Harry Potter (forenames & some surnames)!

  • Hauntingly Pretty/Dark Names

  • Headstrong

    Names that ring of empowerment or rebelliousness, that go against the soft princessy favorites and encourage daughters to strive for goals of importance in society.

  • Heart of a Girl

    lovely, unique, girl names i love

  • Hebrew names I am in love with

  • Help with a name

    I am writing a tvd story and I need a girls name that goes with the last name 'Salvatore' ASAP! It can be an old fashioned name or anything just need some ideas, thank you -Steph :]

  • Helpful H's

    Boys & Girls

  • Heroic Names

    Names from tales and sagas.

  • Hey, baby boy.

    Names we like for a boy

  • Higlet #3

    Mom of two boys (Vincent & Connor) trying for baby # 3. Looking for the perfect NAME for our newest family member :)

  • Hippie Names in Disguise

  • homestuck

    Because I've yet to find one mention of it on the site.

  • Homestuck Names

    Most being the names of aliens, the names in the ever-popular webcomic, Homestuck, can be rather odd. However, it is my opinion that a few of these unconventional names could make very intriguing and unique baby names. This list includes my personal favourites among the more unusual names, as well as some of the more common names mentioned in Homestuck. More may be included later.

  • Hope This Helps <3

    Elijah-Rian :) ;Pation ; Lannon ; Peten

  • Hungarian names

    A list of names that have hungarian roots, or just simply the version of a name as how it is used there mainly THE LIST IS IN PROGRESS

  • Hunger Games Style Names

    Like the names in the Hunger Games trilogy, but want to go beyond Katniss and Peeta? You've come to the right place!

  • I Just Might

    Names that I love but am on the fence about.

  • I love what this means.

  • I- Boys

  • I- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Idaho

  • Ideal I's

    Boys & Girls

  • If you like Constellations you might love...

    Names of all of the current constellations, some worthy and practical for names.

  • If you like flower names, you'll love...

    Here are some flower names that I have really been liking lately.

  • Illinois

  • Immortal, Eternal and Forever Names

    Names that mean immortal, eternal or forever

  • In Honor Of...

    The names of people I love, or similar names

  • Indian Names (Girls)

    I am half-Indian, so I have met cousins with many of these names. (Or I just like them.)

  • Initials

    Boys & Girls

  • Inspirational Biblical Women

  • Intriguing Baby Girl Names

    Not ready to call them favorites yet, but don't want to lose track of them.

  • Iranian Girl Names

    Being of Iranian descent, I was disappointed (though not really surprised) that there were no Iranian names on this site. There are a lot of Arabic names on here, and all of them have Persian variations, which I'll share with you. I'll also throw in some other ones that I think are really nice and give the meanings as well! xx Vowels are tricky in Persian. If the written pronunciation says "ah", it's pronounced like in the word, "father". If it simply has an "a", it's pronounced like the "a" in "apple". There are also a lot of guttural sounds in Persian that don't exist in the English language. You can drop them if they are too difficult. (That's what my friends have done!) Boys List to come soon!

  • Irish Girl names!

  • Irish Names

  • Irish Names - My Favorites

    My favorite Irish names with their meanings and pronunciations.

  • Irish/Gaelic

  • Italian

    Boys & Girls

  • Italian Folktale Names

    I found these on our quest for the right baby names. I will keep adding to this list as we search. Hope you like them! You can always use or adapt pieces of the names or use as inspiration. Remember to use the Italian pronunciation sounds. (gio=jo, gia=ja, i=eee sound, ci=chi, cia=cha, e=eh, a=ah, z=zts, t=dt, o=oh...) ps many of the letters have accents

  • Italian names

  • J- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • J- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Japanese Word Names

    Word names are all the rage these days. But if you don't want your kid to be one of the many nouns in his/her classroom but like the meanings, looking to words in other languages might help. An exotic language such as Japanese can provide many alternatives to virtue and word names but mean the same thing. They also have the added value of Kanji script.

  • Jenn's Girls names

    uncommon, classic but cool, bewitching names

  • Jenna's List

  • Joy names

  • Joyous J's

    Boys & Girls

  • June Baby List

    Tops in June

  • Just so HAPPY

    Happy, positive, joyful names! They're all just so damn happy!

  • K and J names

    to keep the family tradition going

  • K- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • K- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Kaedence

    Kaedence is a variant of the musical word Cadence, which means rhythm/rhythmic or to march. Our daughter Kaedence Lynn was born in October 2012. I've had her name picked out for 25 years. Other variants are Cadence, Caedence, Caydence, Kadence, Kaydence, Kaidence

  • Knowledgeable K's

    Boys & Girls

  • L- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • L- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Ladies

  • Lads

  • Lady R name list

  • Laser de Réglage ,Un bon laser de reglage pour carabine , le jeu sera la clé de votre succès, vous êtes encore dans le jeu souvent erreur et la détresse, aussi longtemps que vous avez maintenant, alors tout cela ne sera pas un problème, agir rapidement, à faible prix abordable le prix que vous méritez.

  • Latin Word Names for Girls

    Ancient Latin words that would make suitable names for a child or storybook character.

  • Law & Order: SVU

  • Life Names

    It is all about the name. it is what helps you create your story. Your life line. No one else. Just you.

  • Light

  • Likeable Girl Names

    Girl names that I like.

  • list of names that suck

    these names r poopy i am ellen degenerus

  • Literary

    Literary names for children or cats.

  • Literary Names

  • Little brother to Micah and Carter

    Third baby boy name! Rules are only that it needs to go with the middle name Matthew, and have at least two syllables. Since our last name starts with P, I'd like to avoid initials PP or TP, as those could be rough on a kid!

  • Little Gents

  • Little Mermaids and Surf Stars - Water and Beach themed names!

    Water based names for your little beach baby!

  • Little Women

  • Looking for a Hero

    List of my favorite boy's names of potential heroes in my books and stories.

  • Lovable L's

    Boys & Girls

  • Love!

    Just names that I absolutely love!

  • Lovely Ladies

  • M- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. d denotes a name that is also a dinosaur.

  • M- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Made Up Names With Real Meanings

    The title is very self explanatory.

  • Magical Baby Names

    Names that are related to deities or magic in some fashion.

  • Magickal Names for Girls

    Fey, eldritch, and otherworldly names evocative of mystical enchantments, fantastical adventures, and dreamy imaginings.

  • Male Names I Like From My Genealogy J-Z

    Names from the male side of my genealogy that I would actually use J-Z

  • Male Puppy Dogs

    Names for male puppy dogs

  • Mamie's Picks

    In case my kids ask for my input when they start making grandbabies for me!!

  • Marvellous M's

    Boys & Girls

  • Maybe Baby!

    Maybe names for number three!

  • Me and Cesar babies names

  • Me Likey!

    Names I like!

  • Medieval Monikers

    Some of my favorite classical names I associate with the Middle Ages.

  • Middle name for jade

    Middle name options that are unique

  • Middle name for Macaulay?

    I am having a baby girl in November and hubby and I are both Scots-Irish and we want to give Irish and Scottish names to our kids. Our first son is name Murtagh Conner. We need a middle name for baby Macaulay!

  • middle name with honor

    I love Honor for a first name but undecided on a middle name that complements...:)

  • Middle Names

    I like middle names that honor family or friends. So this is a list compiled of names and variations of names of family and friends who mean a lot to me.

  • Middle Names

  • Middle names for Boys

  • Middle Names for Girls

  • Middles

    Middle names with meaning - potentially to go with Imogen as first.. Imogen..

  • military themed names

  • Mitchells Little Brother

    This List is for My Second Son

  • Modern Invented Baby Names

    Expand your view of creativity - here is a list of inspiring and inventive baby names. Inventing a name or varying a spelling is great if that's your style, but there are lots of other ways to be creative. Try a fresh international twist on a familiar name. Consider names you never even knew existed - hybrid names - by combining two names together, or simply names that are rare, e.g. surnames. I promise you will arrive at the best possible baby-naming decision for your baby.

  • modern spin to southern belles

    There are so many names that ring with southern charm, but what to pick when a name sounds to old and dusty?

  • Most Beautiful Girls Names

    Sophisticated, Glamorous, and Intelligent

  • Most Fab GIRLS Names

    The Best Girls Names In My Book

  • Most Unique Names

  • Multi-Cultural Names

    Names with multiple origins. Some meanings may be approximate. Please PM me if you have suggestions!

  • Musical Names

    musical terms/instruments/composers that could be used as names (more likely middle names)

  • Musical Names

  • My "meh" names

    These are names I either sort of like or feel pressure to use them...

  • my baby names

  • My babygirl names

  • My Best FR Names

    Dragons are more fun to name than children.

  • My Boys

    My husband and I wanted our boys to have a powerful, slightly unique first name, and we honored our fathers w/ the boys middle names. ^_^

  • My Boys... Now what to name boy #3?

    looking for a great strong and classic name for baby boy #3. The hard part is it has to go well with Henry and Max (Maximilian).

  • my daughters

    Eligant. Is what we named our daughter. We went with the letter i instead of E cuz i know how girls like to put hearts as the dot. :) her middle name is jacionna after her dad jason . Jacionna is pronounced ( j-c-on-na ) which is cool because it can be spelled many different ways. :)

  • My favorite boy names

    I named my second son Tobin in 2002. I did this since one of my favorite artist and musician is named Tobin Sprout. It is a very unique name and my son likes it. We dont know anyone else that has the name, so it makes for a very unique image for my son.

  • My Favorite Girl Names

    Self Explanatory

  • My Favorite Names

  • My favorite names

    Some beautiful name that caught my eye

  • My favorite names

  • MY FAVORITE NAMES OF ALL TIME (I'm sure this will be a long list lol :D )


  • My favorite names!


  • My Favorite Nature Names

    Get back to your roots, baby.

  • My Favorite Tomboy Names

    This is simply a list of hellomello's favorite tomboy names. Most of them are also unusual and more uncommon than others. I will have the meaning in the comments/description of each name listed. The meanings are kind of random and weird, but I think the way the names sound is really nice and cool.

  • My Favorites

    Names I adore

  • My Favourite Boys Names

  • My favourite boys' names

    Jonathan Nathan Levi Elliot Augustus Noah Sebastian Jacob Jakob Flynn Finn Valentin Felix Jonah Niklas Jonas Leo Benedikt Nathaniel Benjamin

  • My Favourite Girls Names

  • My favourite girls' names

    Louise Charlotte Valentina Lucia Noëlle Maya Faye Caroline Leah Valencia Valentia, Stella [Louise Valentina (/Valencia/Valentia)] [Stella/Lucia Noëlle] [Maya Faye]

  • My favourite names

    A list comprising of names that I deem interesting.

  • My favs

  • My Future Childrens' Name

    My boyfriend's family has a tradition where everyone in the family has a D name. Also they are all very tradtional and repetitve names... So we are going to name our children very "untraditional" names and see how much they hate them. We are putting our own spin on things. ;)

  • My girl

    Inspired by nature and strength after her parent's names (first and middles): Dad's meanings: Rock, lion/ Mom's meanings: meadow of the ash tree, crowned with laurel

  • My Girl List

    Looking for a classic sounding yet unique name for a girl. Something that is 2-4 syllables long with nickname options.

  • My girls

  • My Guilty Pleasure Names

    A list of names that I like, but I would never name a person.

  • My Ideas

    Names that I feel are significant to me or those that I admire the meanings and the way they sound and spelt.

  • My Kids Names

    Two of the names were for babies I've lost.

  • My Mom's Ideas For My Name

    These names were what my mom had for my name -- she ended up picking Amanda, which wasn't even on her list, but I put it on this one.

  • My Mom's Ideas For My Sister's Name

    She ended up with Erica and that was her top choice, but there were a few others on her mind.

  • My New Name

    New, mixed with classic. Maybe some nature/hippie vibes as well. May call upon the great literary greats, England, Scotland, and France. Basically whatever fits my whimsy the best.

  • My odd,complex manly-mans.

    Well, I have a very strange and moniker-y taste, in both girls and boys names. I don't think I have real style; really, these just appeal to me. I tend to like "feminine" names on boy's, such as Juniper and Ashley.

  • My top boy names

  • My Top Boys Names

    Includes Rank # U.S. 2014. Meanings included.

  • My top choices

    Strong contenders for next baby

  • My,my,you strange dearies.

    I don't really have a style, I guess, but I love weird and exotic names. I admit to loving boy's names on girls, but not the Riley or Blake. No, more like Aurelius. Also, -trix is a feminine suffix in Latin. Therefore, many of my favorite girls name end in -trix. I adore Latin and French words as well, so your going to see some of those. Anything ending in -ium might appear on this list as well.

  • Mythological Names

  • N- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Name Combinations - Girls

    First and middle name combinations, nicknames I like, meanings to keep in mind, and popularity in 2011.

  • Name Combinations!

    These are a few of my favorite first-middle name combinations!

  • Name Combos

    A list of my favorite name combinations (first and middle) for boys and girls.

  • Name for a sister of a beautiful princess

    The perfect name for baby sister. Big sister's name means beautiful princess, looking for something that will work with this. Please rate these names.

  • Name list


    These contenders don't have middle names yet. I love them to death and hope to find match for them!

  • Namebag

    full of names that catch my eye

  • Names

    Baby #4 due 2/14 - Girl! Current name leaders - 1) Elsbeth Mattea 2) Verity Sara-Elizabeth

  • Names



  • Names and their meanings

  • Names for a 2nd look

  • Names for boys

    Boys names

  • Names For Characters (Boys)

    These are cool names I found and loved, but are so unusual that I couldn't use them for real kids. So I use them for my brain children. I chose a lot of them for their meanings, so don't judge (as I often name a character by the meaning of the name).

  • Names For Characters (Girls)

    Names that I like, but don't think will ever be usable for my future kids, so I use them on characters instead (my brain children), because you can be a little more creative with their names. I have a soft spot for mythological names, as a huge mythology nerd. And I love names with Greek origins, because I'm Greek.

  • Names for Coco the Bean

  • Names for dogs: Shetland Sheepdog Breed (Sheltie)

    Not too popular, water/nature themed, scottish or a bit old fashioned, sweet, one or two syllables - would be used by humans as well.

  • Names for Fanfics or Children

  • Names for future characters

  • Names for My (Future) Little Girl

    This is a compliation of all the names I like for little girls. Some are family-inspired, others are classics, and others I love simply because of their meaning/sound.

  • Names for my characters lol

    Yeeee :^0

  • Names For My Goats

    I might get goats, these are names I like for them.

  • Names for my Puppy

    Nameso I think that are fitting for my cute little pup!

  • Names for Privacy Lovers and Secret Keepers

    Names that mean secret, hidden and concealed

  • Names from Encara

    Names from the land of Encara.

  • Names from h2o: just add water and Mako Mermaids

    This list consists of names from the popular mermaid series H2O: Just Add Water and it's spin-off Mako Mermaids.

  • Names from Nature

    Names from mother nature

  • Names from The Elder Scrolls

    Names found in The Elder Scrolls video game series by Bethesda. All information comes from The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. ( Spoilers for the series' quests and lore.

  • Names from the Land of Oz

    A collection of common and unusual names from and inspired by L. Frank Baum's beloved 14-book Land of Oz series, beginning with "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Includes names from later additions to the Oz canon, including books written by Roger S. Baum, Ruth Plumly Thompson, John R. Neill, Eric Shanower, and Jack Snow, among others, as well as associated movies, musicals, and animated films.

  • Names from the world of Avatar

    Including The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

  • Names I adore

    Cool pairings with great meaning

  • Names I consider a huge loss because of association

    Name association is huge, you can't get away from it.

  • Names I Found and Loved!

  • Names I hadn't considered before

    This is a list of names I hadn't even thought about using before joining

  • Names I Hate

    My opinions!

  • Names I just love.

    ...even if Dear Husband doesn't love them so much, or if I can't see myself actually using them.

  • Names I like

    I enjoy earthy, nature names, color names and names that are strong and short. Here is a mix of a bunch of names I'm considering for my little one who is due September 5 2015

  • Names i like

  • Names I like and I think you will too

    Names I love though a few I won't be able to use

  • Names I Like The Meaning Too

  • Names I love

  • Names I Love (But Can't Use)

    A list of baby names that I absolutely adore but can't use because (A) my husband and I can't agree on the name, (B) because it doesn't go well with our last name, or (C) because we have close friends and family who have already given this name to their own children.

  • Names I Love But Could Never Use

  • Names I love!

  • Names I Personally Like....

    Many names are influenced by novels, words, famous people, and/or nature that are loved by almost everyone! These are names that I love! They can be trendy, unique, uncommon and common, and/or popular. There is a variety to choose from, for the parents-to-be, those who just feel like looking for names, or for authors who need inspirations for their characters. The names included in this list have their meaning, nickname option, origin, and my opinion. Have fun....

  • names I've got dibs on

    These are names I am 100% positive I am using in my stories hopefully they'll be pretty cool

  • Names I've liked but Hubby didn't

    These are some of the names that my hubby disagreed with

  • Names I've liked for a while...

    These are names combinations the I have liked for a really long time, now. The list is really short, but it has grown. I hope it will get longer. Also, I like to put the names gender neutral, or gender bender because I don't want to sector them!

  • Names Meaning Life --- Eve/Ava OR Vivi- Names

    Some are too popular, but some work perfectly.

  • Names of Places

    boy or girl names that come from places

  • Names Originating in the UK

    Contains names originating from Wales, Ireland, Scotland or England. Not exhaustive.

  • Names That Are A Mouthful

    Names that require a bit of help with pronunciation -- they can also be pronounced in different ways

  • Names that I like

    Some of the names are from the tv show flashpoint.The others are names that I have heard and then love the names since.

  • Names that I would NEVER use and strongly dislike...

    ... due to either a bad association, undesirable meaning, trendiness, or the general style.

  • Names that mean "gift"

  • Names That Mean Divine

  • Names that would be Awesome in a Book

    I am a dedicated writer/teenberry/lover of all things fantasy and sci-fi. I pride myself on having the coolest, awesomest, and fitting-est (not a word, I know) names for my characters out there. So here are some names that I use for my characters and why I used them.

  • Names that would make girl feel special

    If you don't want for her to be Olivia or Emma, lets start again. She will like your unike choise one day. Dont forget to invent some special nickname.

  • Names the hubby loves

  • Names With a Hint of Magic

    Names with a spark of magic behind them.

  • Names with Ancient, Mythological or Literary Significance

    both boys and girls!

  • Names with fire

    Perhaps the name of the next girl(or boy) on fire...minus the reaping, I think...

  • Names with Lovely Meanings

    many to do with water or the sea, truth, beauty, happiness, strength... both boys and girls!

  • Names with meanings about God for Boys

  • Names with meanings about God for girls

  • Names with meanings related to Space, Math and Science

    boys and girls!

  • Names with solid meaning, pleasing sound, old-fashioned, or just plain cool.

    Names with solid meaning, pleasing sound, old-fashioned, or just plain cool.

  • Names with Virtue Meanings

  • Names:Classic and Uncommon

    interesting names

  • Namesake Names

    Strong women in (relatively) modern history that are well worth a beautiful little girl's namesake. I love names with history and would love to give my little girl an example of strong, fearless women to live up to.... who also has a really gorgeous name.

  • Native American girl names

    I was looking for a nice girl name for my charachter and i found these beautiful ones!

  • Nature & Earthy Names - Middle Names

  • Nature Names

    names that are inspired or come from nature or natural things

  • Nature Names

    Flowers, animals, weather, etc...

  • Nature Names

    flower names

  • Nature Names

    We all come from the Earth, including your little bundle of joy, so here's a list of names coming from Mother Nature's gifts. Including Gems, Plants and Animals. WARNING: Some of these names are quite strange, proceed using with cautious. A baby's name is for life.

  • Nature names

    Beautiful names- that are also nouns- that have to do with nature.

  • Nature Names

    Names that bring us back to our roots are often very beautiful and perfect picks for our children. Which natural moniker appeals to you?

  • Nature Names for Girls

  • Nature Names I actually wouldn't mind having

    I have tried to list nature names that are unique but not bizarre.

  • Nature Related- Female (or male)

  • Nature Related- Male (or female)

  • NCIS

  • NCIS: LA

    Boys & Girls

  • Need a middle name for Scott - help!

    I am naming my son after my brother who passed away, Scott. It is a classic name, and I named him when he was born, but I always thought I would name my child something truly unique. Then I realized my husband is very opinionated about names, so he wants to choose the middle. The only problem is he cant come up with any!!! SO I gave him list that I sort of like. I am hoping Berries can help us decide, or suggest new ones?? I am definitely looking for any names with a short o sound (as in pot, or rock sound), as I am especially interested in a double barrelled name to distinguish talking about my brother or my son. Names my husband sorta likes: Scott Koa Scott Sebastian Scott Caius Names I love that he has vetoed: Scott Luke (my husbands name) Scott Knox Scott Ryder My husband is also a surfer so names around that are a plus! HELP! We are 5 weeks away!!!

  • Neutral-Boy


  • Newc's List

  • Next girl

    Goes with big sis Freya

  • Nicknames

  • Nifty N's

    Boys & Girls

  • No, I would never name my kid...

    These are names that just wouldn't cross my mind when naming a child...and if they did, I'd say no.

  • Non-obvious animal names

  • Normalish Names For Characters

    This list is for names for characters, most likely of the realistic fiction genre, who will need normal names. But I don't use Jack or Alex for my characters. No, that's too normal. My characters need cool, stunner names. This list is full of them.

  • Not Your Grandma's Flower Names

    Yes, yes we know Rose, Lily, and Violet; but what else? A lot of these names are taken from the Latin or Greek scientific names, so the meanings can vary and be quite complex. If your Grandma *is* named one of these...Good for her!

  • Nouveau Middle Names for Girls

    If Rose, Lee, Lynn, Anne, Renee, and Marie don't blow your hair back, try these alternatives.

  • Novelists, Playwrights, and Poets surnames

    mainly poets.....

  • Number Names

  • O- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • O- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Observant O's

    Boys & Girls

  • Obsessions

    Names that I fell in love with.

  • Ocean Names

  • October 2014 Baby!

    Possible firsts, middles, and combinations for our babe on the way!

  • October Baby Boy

  • Old-fashioned & Unusual Names

    Shosaveen, Elodie, Isabeau, Lucan, Tybalt, Nicodemus, Jasper, Adeline, Annika, Dashiell, Eden, Hezekiah, Evangeline, Balthasar, Adelaide, Rowan, Imogen, Abrial, Freya, Myfanwy, Evander, Tula, Ezra, Aida, Sinclair, Imogen, Calliope, Israfel, Liandra, Rosalind....and other names that can be pronounced in English, have the dignity of age, sound cool when shouted, are rather unusual, and can be shortened to a little kid's nickname easily. Names that age well.

  • One day!

    Just names I like for future use.

  • One For The Little Ladies

  • One-Syllable word names i love

  • Orange Is the New Black

  • Orange is the New Black

    Here's a list of some of the vibrant and fascinating characters in Netflix's Emmy darling show!

  • Our 4th baby boy!!!

    We have all sons. This is planned to be our last. Older brothers Finnley, Oliver, and Jericho.

  • Our baby names

    First baby due October 2013, plus future names!

  • Our children's names

    First and middle names we've chosen for our children.

  • Our Family Names

    Here are the names of people in my family. Some were before my time, some since. All are well suited to the individual, as it seems to go. Some I will need to look up the meanings for. Sometimes I know the first and middle names, but I will list all that I can. AND I will search further to fill any blank spaces. Enjoy! p.s. This is a work in progress...for now. So please be patient with me! Thank You! Also, I learned that names in blue are for boys, pink is for girls, and black is for a name that can be used either way.

  • Our favorite children's names

  • Our little girl

    This is our first and we have just found out she is a girl :) We are a young family who enjoy the beach and outdoors. We are desperately looking for some advice with baby girl names, we like simple, different names, but also do not want to fall too far into the "cutesy" list of lovely sounding names for little girls that do not transcend into adulthood. Please help.

  • Out of the Way and Into my Heart

  • Outer Space Names

    Stellar boys' and girls' names straight from the stars, the plannets, and beyond.

  • P- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • P- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Paradise Names

  • Persian Names for Girls

    Ancient names from the powerful, exotic desert realm of the Persians.

  • Personal Favorites

    Names that I really love, and that I would really like to use. Some family names and some pretty different ones that I have a great fondness for.

  • picking and choosing

    my favorite names

  • Pitch Perfect

    Boys & Girls

  • Possible Baby C Names!

    Names I like and am interested in!

  • Possible baby names

  • Possible Character Names

    picking out names I like for characters. these names will be used for more genders than they are applied to. enjoy. M - Male // F - Female // U - Unisex

  • Possible girl

    Girl names I love!

  • possible Girl names

    Non-traditional potentially old-worl girl names.

  • Possible girl names

  • Possible names for kids

    MY top names for my kids which include family influence

  • possible names for my children

    names i like for my children

  • Potential Baby Boy S Names

    The strong, masculine names I am considering if my first little darling is a boy...

  • Potential Baby Girl S Names

    The beautiful, meaningfully unique names that I am considering for my first little darling if it is a girl...

  • potential baby names

    my favorite names and potential names for my children

  • Potentials

    Deciding on what first and middle names feel right for me: feel like Me. I'm non-binary gender and am changing my name once I have it all set. "Mar" first and "Sam" middle names but not combined in any way. The less it immediately conjures up ideas of "feminine" or "masculine" identity, the better I feel about it. I greatly take meanings into consideration when judging its potential, even over spelling and sound.

  • Powers Girls

  • Precious P's

    Boys & Girls

  • Pretty Baby Names

    Pretty babies that sound sweet

  • Pretty Names for Boys

  • Pretty Names for Girls

  • Project Moth - Female

    All the names for the leading and non-leading ladies I've created and thought about creating over the years. Preferred spellings of names are underneath, along with any nicknames and meanings that are missing from the NameBerry database.

  • Project Moth - Male

    All the names for the leading and non-leading gentlemen I've created and thought about creating over the years. Preferred spellings of names are underneath, along with any nicknames and meanings that are missing from the NameBerry database.

  • Pronounce-able Boy & Girl, First & Middle Names w/ Good Meanings

    Names with 1) very few pronunciation issues in English, 2) good positive meanings & associations, 3) uncommon or vintage enough to still be rather unique, 4) ages well, and 5) good nn. In some cases, the nn has clean pronunciation but the real name may be more esoteric. Names are both male and female or unisex.

  • Puppies

  • Puppy Magenta

    Meaning of Love

  • Puritan & Virtue names

  • Puritan Names

  • Q- Boys

  • Quinn's sister

    Girl names we like!

  • R- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. d denotes a name that is also a dinosaur.

  • R- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Radient R's

    Boys & Girls

  • rashida's favorites

  • Re-finding me

    [To any and all reading this list, I am a 19 year old, working on the serious possibility of choosing a new name after growing up with an abusive father. I want to seperate my ties from him and this is one of the possibilities I have had at undertaking that.]

  • re-nicknaming myself

    my name is Mary Jean, I have always gone by MJ. I just like re-imagining other nicknames for myself although they will probably never be used : ) This list also serves to help me remember some of my nicknames that have come up over time

  • Religious

    Names that are overtly or secretly religious.

  • Religious and Hip: Boys

    Names that aren't from the Bible but still have spiritual significance, for the Christian moms and dads who want something religious but unexpected.

  • Rizzoli & Isles

  • Round 1 Name Change Picks

    Round 1 of names I like for my name change. I am changing my name as a Birthday gift to myself next year for my 25th Birthday. I have been thinking about it for years and have made the hard decision to go for it. I will be narrowing it down with rounds 2, 3, 4 & 5 which will have lists as well. Countdown to my new name September 3, 2015!

  • royals

    names that evoke regality and royalty, in meaning or inspiration.

  • S- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • S- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • S.T.E.M. Names

    A collection of names relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Some common, some 'unique'.

  • Same but Different: Different Names Same Meaning

    Here's a list great for naming twins, siblings, or multiples! For each great meaning, there are least two great names to go with it! There some boy + girl pairs, some boy/boy pairs and some girl/girl pairs.

  • Sassy Girl Names

    These names are good for divas or girls in pageants, and if you if you want to say back off she might sass.

  • Sassy S's

    Boys & Girls

  • Scandinavian Names

  • Schizophrenic Menagerie (XX)

    Names for characters, guilty pleasure, etc...

  • Schizophrenic Menagerie (XY)

    Names for potential characters, guilty pleasures, and so forth.

  • Second Favorite Ladies

    Lovely names that don't quite rank into my number 1 but one day might!

  • Sibling names for Maeve & Angus

    Both kids have god/goddess names. Both meanings are very 'strong'. Would like a name that is god/goddess, strength meaning, quirky and not common. Might be nice if I liked more 'A' name to balance all the 'M's in the family. Boy names are hard! If it were twins, I think I'd go with Freya Thistle & Graeme Hartley.

  • Sky Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology

    The gods of sky and weather were named "Theoi Ouranioi" or "Theoi Meteoroi" by the Greeks. They were under the command of Zeus and Hera, the king and queen of heaven. Source:

  • SKY names

  • Solar & Stellar

    A list of my favorite planet/space related girl names.

  • Solid as a Rock Names

    gems and minerals

  • someday, baby

  • Space Opera Names

  • spacekal716's favorite names

    The first two names are my children's name and the rest are names that I absolutely love!

  • Spanish names

  • Spiritual Names - Female

  • Star/Heavenly Names

    Names having to do with stars, heaven, constellations, outer space. From the obscure to the obvious, take your pick. And by no means feel bound to what gender I put down. Some names will work well for either gender. If I had any question if it was a boy or girl name, I left it as boy. I was lazy, what can I say? These would be best for sci-fi/fantasy stories. Some might be better suited for last names. They are all names of stars, planets, or constellations, or have to do with them.

  • Stardust and Moonbeams

    Names for an astral baby.

  • Stars, Snow and Christmas!

    Christmas names!

  • Stellar Names

    Nice names relating to the sky and space.

  • Storybook Names

    Names of the characters in my book about the corporate side of Christmas.

  • Strong Female Names

    Names that will give any girl confidence in life and take her everywhere she wants to go.

  • Strong Girl Names

    Female names with strong meanings. No unisex names or feminizations.

  • Stylish Boy Names

  • Substantial and Poetic Names

    This is a list of classic names that are either out of circulation or underused. They are beautifully unique and will give your baby a strong, significant sense of character. Some of the names seem a bit big or heavy but each can be nicknamed in adorable ways that I will describe. Nicknames give a feeling of being a special insider in a family--especially if your family is large. Nicknames also help produce a myriad of self-expressions and playful confidence.

  • Subtle Nature Meanings: Girls

  • Suggestions

  • Suitable for an earth sign- taurus, virgo or capricorn -baby

    Inspired by astrology. I'm a taurus :)

  • Supernatural Names

    Names used in the show :)

  • SURPRISE! He is a SHE!

    Names for a unique, beautiful, strong little woman.

  • Swedish Little Beauties

    Since the father of our future children is half Swedish and "half everything else" as he says (somewhere on his father's side they severely lost track of their lineage) I want the name of at least one of my children to honor his Swedish heritage just as I would like to do with my own hertiage. Below is a list of Swedish names- either Swedish in origin or popular in Sweden or connected to Sweden in some other way. As Sweden is a Scandinavian country some of the names may be Scandinavian in origin. Other names may be of any heritage but have Swedish significance such as the names of the Swedish Royal Family or other prominent Swedish people.

  • sweet & nature names

  • Sweet names

  • Sweet, Fairy-like Girl Names

    Names that mean happiness, flower names, diminutive names, nature names, etc.

  • T- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • T- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • The "Hild"s

  • The Best Baby Names Treasury

    Favorites taken from "The Best Baby Names Treasury" by Emily Larson


    A list of names I absolutely love.

  • The Big Bang Theory

  • The Coolest Girl Names Ever

    Good for future daughters, or maybe just cool characters of future novels that I'll probably never get around to actually writing :)

  • The Muses

    The nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, they were the goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets. Source:

  • The Nereids

    Greek mythological sea nymphs, patrons of sailors and fishermen. The 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris who live in a cave at the bottom of the Aegean Sea. Some are a bit much for a modern woman, but quite suitable for a ship or an adventurous middle name. Source:

  • The Official List for Consideration - First Names

    My official baby name list - TTC December 2013!

  • The Rose Family

    A collection of names that mean rose, or have other connections.

  • The Short List

  • The Ultimate Color Name List - truly extensive!

    Colors, shades of color, derived from colors... All color related names!!! Have fun!

  • The unnamed baby

    Timeless and unique names

  • The Wonderful World of Twilight

    Boys & Girls

  • Things that Grow

    My favorite plant and flower names

  • Third Baby Girl

    Baby girl is joining big sisters Lucah (Lulu) Madeline and Ruby Olivia in a week! Still haven't decided on her name--too many good ones to choose from!

  • Thoughtful Joy

  • Titans

    The twelve elder gods who ruled the cosmos before the Olympians came to power. They were the children of the Earth and Sky: Gaia and Ouranos. source:

  • To honour my grandparents...

    in possibly less obvious ways. Some names share the same meaning, some are variations, some are relations etc My grandparents are Mary Rose, Norman "Norm" Arthur, Moya Elaine, Peter Paul, John "Jack" "JB" Blythe

  • Top Boy Names

    The boys names that I love.

  • top contenders

    girls and boy top contenders

  • Top girl names

    Our very favorite girl names!

  • Top Girl Names

    The girl names that I love.

  • top Hyphen boy Names

  • Top Names

    Our favorite full names

  • Tough Names for Strong Girls

    They might not be conventionally pretty by 21st century standards but, if you want a legitimately unique name with a powerful meaning for your darling daughter, consider this list...

  • Trait and Virtue Names

    Virtue, personality trait or aspiration names beyond the old-fashioned Faith, Joy and Charity. Chosen for their meanings.

  • Trendy

    Now a days parents are naming their kids everything from vintage classics to weather patterns and everything inbetween. Everyone wants that trendy name thats different, yet not too weird, and makes everything else just fall into place. Here are some names like that, for me (if i ever had this many kids, but G-d knows that's never gonna happen, I hope).

  • Trusty T's

    Boys & Girls

  • Trying to find a Girl name!!!!!!

    Here is to hoping something feels right and works :)

  • Turkish Names with A

  • Turkish names with E

  • Twin combos

    names for twins that aren't too matchy or rhymey but go together based on meaning

  • Twin girls

  • Twinning

    We are expecting twin girls, and I would love my Berries advice on names. We are looking for strong, unique and slightly whimsical names. Their brother is Scott Koa, so anything that goes with that. Although we are not married to S names (or even matching first letter) most of the ones we are drawn to end up being that. Some fresh inspo please!

  • U- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Ultimate Girls Names

  • Unexpected Word Names For Boys

  • Unique botanical girl's names

  • Unique Boy Names

    Unique names for boys.

  • Unique French Baby Girl Names

    Beautiful, French baby names with a pretty ring to them. Gorgeous, unique choices for any baby girl.

  • Unique Girl Middles

  • Unique Girls' Names

    Inspired by Greek mythology, literature and modern classics.

  • Unique names for Gals

    Tons of names for girls.

  • Unique, Unusual & Celebrity baby names Part II List Made By Romy Marylou Amber

    The baby names I love the most Names I made MYSELF and OTHER names i LOVE

  • Unisex

  • Unisex Names

    Non-gendered baby names.

  • Unnamed List

  • Unnamed List

  • Unnamed List

  • Unusual Baby Names

    Unique names

  • Unusual but classic boys names

    We can't quite decide whether to choose a totally unusual name for ds3 or go with classic, but potentially boring! Not sure how brave we are to be totally different this time around.

  • Unusual Favorites~ Boys

    "To name a child is to swaddle him/her with meaning."

  • Unusual Favorites~ Girls

    "To name a child is to swaddle him/her with meaning." Virtue middle names are also cute:

  • Usable Hunger Games Names

    I chose names that are reasonably usable, along with a brief description of their character and where their name came from.

  • V- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • V- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Very Orignal Names Of Forgotten Deities That I Bet You've Never Heard Of Before!

    Hey all you writers out there! I have a list of names of goddesses that no one ever hears about, so they are beautiful, original names. I have used some of them for a novel that I'm writing, and they made my characters unique! Parents-to-be who want one of a kind names for their children should take a quick peak. Hope I helped!

  • Vibrant V's

    Boys & Girls

  • Vintage Girls Names

    These are some girl's names that you don't hear often

  • Vintage, Boyish, Nature, Trendy &/0r Unique

    This is my list of favorites. I seem to be all over the place and don't seem to find myself drawn to one particular category. I am having a baby girl in May and her middle name will honor a the family name of Lynn.

  • virtue names

  • Virtue Names

  • Virtues and Concepts

  • Virtuous Names: Saintly and Holy

    This is a list of names stemming from Christian virtues, although most can be seen as virtues for all people. Many of these names originated as Puritan names, while others are unused words that give off that same sort of demeanor. To see more names like this, look at, where many Puritan names can be found.

  • W- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • W- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant. m denotes a name that is also a mineral.

  • Wacky Word Names

    Many names originated as words; some are just kookier than others. Here are some fun word names from the English Language.

  • Warrior Names List

    Like the idea of having children with strong names.

  • Warrior Princess Names

    Names with poise and bad guy kicking meanings...

  • Warriors/Fighter Names

  • Watch out Ladies

    A blog about beauty, fashion, clothing and many more. Tips, advices and suggestions for ladies.

  • water names

    for ur mermaid baby

  • Wealthy W's

    Boys & Girls

  • Weavers and Spinners from Mythology

  • Welsh and Celtic

    Names that are Welsh and Celtic/Gaelic sounding. They have the most wonderful meanings.

  • Welsh Flower Names

    For more, use these links:

  • What if...

    What if represents the future...

  • What's in a name?

    Our first babe is due April 2015! We're not finding out the gender and that has proven easier than settling on a name for each. I love love LOVE baby names!

  • What's In A Name?

    A list of beautiful names with matching meanings.

  • Where's "Wald"o?

    Anglo-Saxon names used by kings, princes, and the clergy alike during the Middle Ages that contained the Old English element weald, meaning "power, leader, ruler".

  • Whimsical

    Baby names which are unisex and unique, with a whimsical twist.

  • Who's That Girl?

  • Why not make it a dozen? Top 12 favorites

  • Wildflowers

    ladies and gentlemen

  • Winter Names

    After the success of Frozen many parents are choosing to name their daughter's Elsa after the Ice Queen. With the Winter season not far on the horizon let's look at some more icy names for your snow baby.

  • Winter/Christmas MN for Girls

    Having a december baby, and with no particular need to use a family name a middle name, we're thinking of going with one of these.

  • Witchy

  • Wittle Man

  • Wizard of Oz themed names

  • Wolf Names for Men

    Wolf themed male names.

  • Word Name Favorites

    I can't explain why I love word names... I guess it's just the immediate image or feeling that comes with it and how it can be different for everyone who hears it. But the same can be said for regular names. This could be good or bad, but here are my favorites.

  • Word Names that inspire are found in the Bible but also understandable today

    Names that jump off the page and are inspirational! Names that children can grow into!

  • Words, places, nature

  • Writing Names

    Names I might use for my fantasy novel.

  • WTF please no

    Please, do not name your kid this. Trust me

  • X, Y, and Z- Boys

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification.

  • X, Y, and Z- Girls

    ** denotes a name related to the universe. ss denotes a name that is also a species specification. p denotes a name that is also a plant.

  • Yellow names

    Names with the meaning yellow

  • You Will Leave a Mark

    some boy names i love

  • Youthful Y's


  • Zesty Z's

    Boys & Girls

  • Zodiac Baby Names

    Names inspired by the different star signs!

  • _____ Anthony Caparbi


  • ·My Boys·

    A nickname lover's list of different but brilliant names and middle names for every type of boy.

  • ·My Girls·

    A nickname lover's list of different but beautiful names and middle names for every type of girl.

  • ♀ Female Names ♀

    Origin and popularity in girls, England and Wales, 2013

  • ♂ Male Names ♂

    Origin and popularity in boys, England and Wales, 2013