Foreign Names That Sound Cool (boys)

more or less what the title says XD - Created by AmberFreedom

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  • Dragomir

    means "precious and peaceful" in Slovak, just a really masculine, powerful name.

  • Jeremias

    German, Portuguese and Finnish form of Jeremiah

  • Jochi

    Mongolian name meaning "Guest"

  • Klaus

    German short form of Nicholas.

  • Lars

    Scandinavian form of Laurence.

  • Luca

    a form of "Luke"

  • Marcel

    short form of MARCELLUS, a Roman diminutive of Marcus

  • Nergüi

    A Mongolian name meaning "No name", quite ironic.

  • Remus

    a Romanian name of unknown meaning.

  • Vlad

    Slovak name meaning "Rule"