My Top Girls Names

My current short-list, though my time for having children is still quite a ways off. - Created by Stormshine

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  • Thea

    Meaning "Goddess", a feminine and graceful name that has stayed strong as my first pick for a daughter thus far.

  • Margaret

    Meaning "pearl", a beautiful old English name that comes from Greek and plus "Maggie" is a super cute nickname!

  • Laurel

    A type of tree, very lovely nature name that has taken up root on my short-list.

  • Rosaleen

    A variation of Rose that is a bit different than just "Rose" or the ever popular "Rosalie", I like it.

  • Melanie

    Meaning "The dark one", I love the soft coo that flows with this name.

  • Emmy

    Ususally a nickname for "Emily" or "Emma", a name meaning "universal" that I like a lot.

  • Flora

    Meaning "Flowers,plant-life", a feminine name that sounds sweet as a blossom.

  • Beatrix

    Meaning "She who brings happiness", the name of one of my favorite children's book authors.

  • Cordelia

    Meaning "Daughter of the sea", an old Celtic name that I love.