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Girl's Names I Like

What I'd recommend to person's expecting. - Created by Stormshine

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  • Adeline


  • Alice

    Of course we know this name from the adventures of a little girl through Wonderland but it also has a very nice meaning of

  • Allegra

  • Astrid

    A Norse name meaning

  • Azalea

    A flower name I've grown to like since I read Heather Dixon's novel

  • Belinda

    Meaning "pretty one".

  • Blanche

    French for "white".

  • Cassandra

    Greek figure in mythology, meaning "prophetess"

  • Cora

    Greek for "maiden".

  • Dahlia

    A flower name that I've started liking out of the blue...a very pretty, blossoming name.

  • Edith

    Old English name turned new again meaning

  • Estelle

    A French name that I have latched onto; it's meaning is

  • Eve

    Ancient name meaning

  • Fern

    A nature name. A nice, quiet sounding name.

  • Iris

    A flower, also Greek for

  • Lavender

    A color name.

  • Luna

    The name of my favorite charcter from the

  • Phoebe

  • Rosalind

    A name from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. A beautiful variation of the common Rose.

  • Roxanna

    A very ancient name. It means

  • Serena

    Tranquil name from Latin meaning

  • Vanessa

    A literary name and a species of butterfly.

  • Vera