Girl's Names I Like

Not one's I'm totally in love with for my own children, but some cool selections - Created by Stormshine

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  • Adeline

    Meaning "noble" or "nobility", a cool 'A' selection.

  • Alice

    Of course we know this name from the adventures of a little girl through Wonderland but it also has a very nice meaning of "noble".

  • Agnes

    A name meaning "pure" that is coming back into style after a long hibernation.

  • Astrid

    A Norse name meaning "divine beauty". My newest "A" fixation.

  • Azalea

    A flower name I've grown to like since I read Heather Dixon's novel "Entwined".

  • Beatrix

    The name of my favorite childhood author, "Beatrix Potter". It means "she who brings happiness" and truly lives up to that promise.

  • Blanche

    A French name meaning "white" that is most notably from "A Streetcar Named Desire".

  • Christine

    The name of the "angel of music" in the story of "The Phantom of the Opera". It means "a christian" and has a lovely sound.

  • Cora

    A name that I like because it's not a mouth-full but has a ring to it that can't be ignored. It means "maiden" in Greek.

  • Dahlia

    A flower name that I've started liking out of the blue...a very pretty, blossoming name.

  • Estelle

    A French name that I have latched onto; it's meaning is "star".

  • Fern

    A nature name. A nice, quiet sounding name.

  • Lavender

    A color name. An elegant sound with a great color to match.

  • Luna

    The name of my favorite charcter from the "Harry Potter" series. It has a dreamy sound to it and means "moon".

  • Odette

    The name of the good swan in "Swan Lake". It mean "wealthy" and has a very gracefull sound.

  • Renee

    A French name meaning "rebirth". I've loved this name for a long time for an unknown reason...

  • Rosalind

    A name from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. A beautiful variation of the common Rose.

  • Roxanna

    A very ancient name. It means "little star" and was notable the name of Alexander the Great's wife.

  • Timothea

    The femine form of "Timothy". I love almost any "Thea" name but this is one of my favorites.

  • Zelda

    Though I admit I first heard this in a video game, I like this name because it has an old-time ring and it means "luck".