Favorite Boy Names

Names I think would be superb first or middle names for a baby boy (for sure great first names if my son's weren't destined to have first names that start with the letter "R"). Either these names have meanings I find either profound, the name sounds great with baby's first and last name or I have a connection to the name either through relatives, friends or the nationality of the name's origin. - Created by kkilgallon

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  • Abraham

  • Adam

  • Adrian

  • Alaric

  • Alexander

  • Anderson

  • Andrew

  • Anthony

  • Archer

  • Arlo

  • August

  • Augustus

  • Austin

  • Axl

  • Benedict

  • Benjamin

  • Bennett

  • Brian

  • Cael

  • Carter

    English meaning "transporter of goods by carts", not a great meaning but it is a family name for me and would be a great way to honor relatives. It's trendy sitting at number 36 in 2012 (I would prefer to stray away from a popular name as a first name choice) but as a middle name the popularity of Carter isn't as troublesome.

  • Cassius

  • Charles

  • Chase

  • Christian

  • Christopher

  • Clay

  • Clive

  • Clyde

  • Cole

  • Connor

    Irish for "lover of hounds". Ranked #59 in 2012. Name of a king in Irish mythology. Strong yet sweet sounding.

  • Dane

  • Daniel

  • Derek

  • Dominic

  • Eli

  • Elijah

  • Elliott

  • Elspeth

  • Fabian

  • Felix

  • Finn

  • Flynn

  • Forrest

  • Frank

  • Frederic

  • Gabriel

    Hebrew meaning "God is my strength" and what a glorious meaning that is! Gabriel, like Michael, was also an Archangel which gives wonderful significance to the name that sounds just as nice as Michael does next to almost any first name

  • George

  • Gideon

  • Graham

  • Grant

  • Grayson

  • Harrison

  • Holden

  • Hudson

  • Hugh

  • Hunter

  • Isaac

  • Israel

    Hebrew for "he who struggles with God". I have Jewish heritage and love this name. Unfortunately given the last name at hand it could be considered a joke if pronounced differently.. as in First Name is-real Cool.

  • Jack

  • Jackson

  • Jacob

    Hebrew meaning "supplanter". Crazy popular (number 1 in 2012!) and based just on that it's a better middle name then first in my opinion.

  • James

  • Jameson

    English, meaning "Son of James". James means supplanter and is the English variation of the Hebrew name Jacob. It's a wonderful name and I once had a great friend by the same title. The only problems with Jameson are that it is swiftly rising in popularity, can also be a girl's name which won't fly if you're looking to give your child a name reeking of masculinity, and of course the most famous Jameson is the Irish whiskey.

  • John

  • Jonah

  • Joshua

  • Judah

  • Jude

  • Julian

  • Julius

  • Knox

  • Lachlan

  • Leo

  • Leonardo

  • Levi

  • Liam

  • Louis

  • Lucas

    Latin from Greek meaning "man of Luciana". Lucas ranked number 27 in popularity in 2012 but it is another name of one of my greatest friends. And it also has such a sweet yet strong sound to it and it fits well with many first names

  • Lucius

  • Luke

  • Mack

    Scottish meaning "Son of". Would be more of a joke but the future father of my children and I aren't exactly above that. Especially as his last name is Cool and there was that character in Irish mythology called Finn MacCool. Only in our case it would be First Name Mack Cool. Close enough. We're pretty sure already our children are going to hate us.

  • Magnus

  • Maverick

  • Max

  • Maxfield

  • Maximilian

  • Maximus

  • Micah

  • Michael

    Hebrew, meaning "Who is like God?", the middle names of my father and brother and the first name of a few male relatives on my mother's side. Michael is perpetually popular and ranked number 8 in 2012. Micheal was an Archangel and has very important significance to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.

  • Milo

  • Nathaniel

  • Nero

  • Nicholas

  • Noah

  • Octavian

  • Octavius

  • Oran

  • Owen

  • Parker

  • Patrick

  • Philip

  • Rory

  • Rosanna

  • Samuel

    Hebrew for "told by God". Was super popular in 2012 coming in at number 25 but I always wanted a son named Sam. In addition to having an incredible meaning it also has an incredible namesake. Samuel was a prophet noted in the Bible's Old Testament who anointed both

  • Seamus

  • Sean

  • Shane

  • Silas

    English from Latin meaning "wood". Not only is Silas a biblical name it's also the name of a Roman tree god and a character on Weeds. Not super popular either... It's in the top 200 but sitting at number 161 in 2012 it's not even close to being in the top 100.

  • Sylvester

  • Theo

  • Theodore

  • Thomas

  • Timothy

  • Vincent

  • Warren

  • William