To honour my grandparents...

in possibly less obvious ways. Some names share the same meaning, some are variations, some are relations etc My grandparents are Mary Rose, Norman "Norm" Arthur, Moya Elaine, Peter Paul, John "Jack" "JB" Blythe - Created by Arlina

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  • North

    Norman means "northerner"

  • Artie

    Short form of Arthur

  • Helene

    Variation of Elaine

  • Barrett

    means "bear-strength", one meaning for Arthur is bear

  • Orson

    Means "bear" like Arthur

  • Rose

  • Maia

    Variation of Moya

  • Calista

    The "great bear" constellation, covers Mary & Norman

  • Eleanor

    shares meaning with Elaine - "sun ray, shining light"

  • Luz

    shares part of the meaning "light" with Elaine, also a reference to the Virgin Mary

  • Jackson

    Jack is a common nickname for John

  • Rocco

    related to the meaning of Peter - "rock"

  • Pavel

    Variation of Paul

  • Zane

    Same meaning as John - "God is Gracious"

  • Keon

    Same meaning as John - "God is Gracious"

  • Norris

    Same meaning as Norman

  • Rosemary

    variation on Mary Rose

  • Lainey

    diminutive of Elaine

  • Nora

    shares part of the meaning "light" with Elaine

  • Tate

    Shares some meaning with Blythe - "cheerful"