Selena Gomez names

names from tv shows, movies and family names. - Created by bailibsmum

  • Alex

    Wizards of waverly place character nickname

  • Alexandra

    Wizards of waverly place character name

  • Amanda

    Mothers first name

  • Brandon

    Selena's Cousins name

  • Brian

    Step-Fathers first name

  • Brooke

    Selena's Cousins name

  • Baylor

    Selena's dogs name

  • Beatrice Ann

    Character name in ramona & beezuz

  • Beezus

    nickname of character beatrice from ramona & beezus

  • Chaz

    Selena's dogs name

  • Chip

    Selena's first adopted dogs name

  • Conchita

    Nickname... for selena

  • Cordelia

    Monte Carlo doppelgänger character name

  • Dawn

    Mothers middle name

  • Elliott

    Little sister middle name (born 12 june '13)

  • Faith

    Spring Breakers character name

  • Fina

    Selena's dogs name

  • Gianna

    Character name from Barney & friends

  • Gracie

    Little sister name (born 12 june '13)

  • Gwen

    Suit life of zach & cody character name

  • Grace Ann

    Monte Carlo character name

  • Helga

    Horton hears a who character name

  • Joel

    Biological Fathers middle name

  • Julie

    Walker, Texas Ranger: Trail by fire character name

  • Kate Ann

    Rudderless character name

  • Lauren

    Selena's Cousins name

  • Lexie

    Wizards of waverly place character nickname

  • Mandy

    mothers nickname

  • Margarita

    Wizards of waverly place character middle name

  • Marie

    Selena's middle name

  • Mary

    Another Cinderella Story character name

  • Mavis

    Hotel Transylvania character voice name

  • Mikayla

    hannah montana character name

  • Mija

    Wizards of waverly place character nickname

  • Nina

    Behaving badly character name

  • Priscilla

    (DeLeon) Selena's Cousin s name

  • Ricardo

    Biological fathers first name

  • Sara

    biological fathers new wife's first name

  • Selena

    Her firstname

  • Selenia

    Arthur 3 character name

  • Scarlett J

    Selena's Angel Baby sister's name

  • Sel

    A nickname of selena's

  • Selenita

    Another nickname for selena

  • Selly

    A nickname of selena's

  • Tori

    Little sister nickname (from biological father & new wife Sara, B- 22 june '14)

  • Victoria

    Little sister from biological father & new wife Sara (B- 22 june '14)

  • Violet

    Searching- Character name

  • Wallace

    Selena's dogs name

  • Willy

    Selena's dogd name