Ancestral Names

These are names that I've come across while doing my genealogy. I'm not sure if/which ones I'd use, but it's fun to see all the old names and surprising how diverse they are when you think about how many more names there are nowadays. - Created by anniebee

  • Adam

    Maurice's paternal grandfather. Born in Ireland and worked as a doctor/surgeon.

  • Alexander

    Name of the Burns who immigrated from Ireland

  • Andrew

    Name in Maurice's family line.

  • Avery

    An ancestor of Todd's was named Avery Cornelius.

  • Benjamin

    Also in the Whipple line.

  • Bobby

    Name in Todd's mother's family.

  • Cecil

    Grandpa Pop's formal name.

  • Charles

    In the Whipple line.

  • Christian

    Common middle amongst the Germans.

  • Cicero

    Quirky name seen very often in Todd's North Carolina ancestry.

  • Claus

    Common far back in my German ancestry

  • David

    Uncle David

  • Donald

    My grandfather's middle name and perhaps a nod to the family surname McDonald.

  • Douglas

    A Molloy family name. Several with this as a first or middle.

  • Ezekiel

    Grandma GG's maternal line. Revolutionary War veteran.

  • Ford

    Ancestral last name.

  • George

    Coldwell and Simmons ancestor name.

  • Gregory

    A name found once waaaaay back in 1500s England.

  • Hans

    Common back in my German ancestry

  • Harry

    Grandpa Pop's middle and his father's name.

  • Henry

    After my German Civil War veteran ancestor. His name was Heinrich but he went by Henry. There are many Heinrichs in my ancestry.

  • Holland

    Ancestral last name

  • Hudson

    My grandmother's father. His nn was Hud. Also, a name in Todd's mother's.

  • Ignatius

    A name found once waaaaay back in 1500s England.

  • James

    A very common name in my family as well as Todd's.

  • Jesse

    A common name in Todd's mother's father's family.

  • Joachim

    Very common in my German ancestry.

  • Johann

    Lots of German ancestors with this name.

  • John

    Common amongst the Capans in Seth Ford's ancestry.

  • Jonas

    Name of Beardsell ancestor.

  • Joseph

    Grandma GG's maternal line. Revolutionary War veteran.

  • Louis

    A middle for my uncle and grandfather. A first for my great-grandfather.

  • Ludwig

    The German version of Philip from the ancestor that immigrated to NS from Germany.

  • Martin

    Dad's paternal grandfather

  • Matthew

    My brother

  • Maurice

    Grandma GG's dad.

  • Michael

    Alexander's son.

  • Moses

    Grandma GG's maternal line.

  • Oliver

    Grandma GG's brother. Not a favorable impression of him, though. Family is not a fan of this name, though I love it.

  • Perry

    Ancestral last name

  • Peter

    On both sides of my family, but not that common. Peter Kelly immigrated from Ireland.

  • Philip

    In the Nova Scotian line of the Molloys.

  • Reuben

    Faye's father. I believe he went by Ben.

  • Richard

    A very popular name in Todd's family.

  • Robert

    Grandpa Hudson's father.

  • Ronald

    Uncle Ron

  • Russ

    Ancestral last name

  • Samuel

    A name found scattered throughout the family.

  • Seth

    Grandma GG's mother's father's father.

  • Simon

    On both my German and American South ancestral lines.

  • Sullivan

    Ancestral last name

  • Sumner

    Hudson's middle name.

  • Thomas

    Seen sparingly. Gma GG's line amongst others.

  • Timothy


  • William

    Used here and there.