Girl Names I Adore

My favorite girl names at the moment! I love unusual names, ones that really play with fun sound combinations. - Created by taliawhat

  • Calla

    Greek. Means 'beautiful."

  • Cyra

    Persian or Greek. Means "sun," "throne," or "lord."

  • Evie

    Hebrew. Means "life." Prn. EE-vee.

  • Fenna

    Dutch and Frisian. Means "courageous, brave, protector."

  • Fiammetta

    Italian. Means "little fiery one." Prn. FEE-a-MET-a.

  • Freya

    Norse. Means "a noble woman." From Arthurian mythology.

  • Hermione

    Greek. Means "messenger, earthly." Appears in Greek Mythology, Harry Potter and Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale."

  • Indira

    Sanskrit. Means "beauty." Prn. In-DEER-a.

  • Kalliope

    Greek. Means "beautiful voice." Original form of Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry. Ka-LYE-oh-pee.

  • Keeva

    Irish. Means "gentle, beautiful, precious."

  • Leela

    Sanskrit. Means "play."

  • Maeve

    Irish. Means "she who intoxicates." Prn. Mayv.

  • Neva

    Spanish. Means "white snow." NEE-va.

  • Odessa

    Russian place-name.

  • Penna

    Latin. Means "feather."

  • Pippa

    English. Means "lover of horses."

  • Rhiannon

    Welsh. Means "divine queen." REE-an-an.

  • Tesla

    Slavic. From the name Thessaly, which is a Greek place name.

  • Thea

    Greek. Means "goddess" or "godly." In Greek mythology, she was the Titan of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky. Prn. THEE-a.

  • Viveca

    Scandinavian. Means "alive, life, place of refuge."

  • Xanthe

    Greek. Means "golden," or "yellow."

  • Zinnia

    Flower name. Prn. ZIN-ee-ah.

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