Unique and Stylish Girl Names

Tired of the army of little Mia's marching to school? Try some of these unique names that make your child feel special with a name that's only theirs, and nobody else's. - Created by Sidselinteen

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  • Alba

    Don't like it as a full name? Find a name with "Alba" in it and use it as a fashionable nickname!

  • Althea

    Beautiful Nicknames Thea, Alli, and several others.

  • Caprice

    I had an impulsive change of mind with this name. Ha. (Don't get it? Look up the meaning of the name).

  • Cecily

    It has an old-timey parasol feeling to it. This name is much underused with its nickname, Cecy, and hopefully people realize it's potential. I mean who wouldn't want to be friends with little Cecy?

  • Clary

    Clary Fray from the mortal instruments as well as the plant Clary Sage give this name a good meaning and image.

  • Evangeline

    "Evan" and "Angel" make this a contender for one of my future children.

  • Ianthe

    Means "Purple Flower" in Greek. It's a great meaning for your child's name and the nickname "Ian" (ee-an) isn't used commonly for girls.

  • Isolde

    Unusual spin on Isabelle.

  • Keelin

    Bound to give your little girl an interesting but cute name. It can be used for either boys or girls. She could be called Kee or Keely, which are pretty underused but cute nicknames.

  • Lux

    A bit flashy, but hey, it has a good meaning. It also works as a middle name.

  • Mellie

    A bit similar to Nellie, just a bit more hipster. Don't you think?

  • Octavia

    The nickname Tavi is enough to persuade anyone.

  • Tilda

    I'd name everyone's children this if I could. So beautiful, yet so underused, along with it's buddy Matilda.

  • Valentine

    Val-en-tine or Val-en-teen both have a nice ring to them. It isn't a common name, either, with an innocence about it virtue names are ranked with.

  • Vienna

    Aussie pride, anybody?

  • Wisteria

    Wisty, Wisty, Wisty, Wisty, and without further ado, Wisty.