Beautiful Girl Names

A list of girl names I personally adore! - Created by EvaLaine

  • Ainsley

    This name is simply adorable, and perfect for any girl.


    This is a name I picked up in fourth grade after reading The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall. It's such a wonderful children's book with an even more adorable place-name.

  • Baylor

    This means "one who keeps horses." Perfect name for a horse-lover, or even someone like me who just adores the sound of it.

  • Bonnie

    A long-known name that has always had charm to me.

  • Brinsley

    I literally have no idea why I like this name so much.

  • Hadley

    Alternative spelling "Hadleigh" looks cute too, but I prefer Hadley.

  • Jolie

    Some may think of Angelina Jolie when they hear this, but I think if you get past that connection, it sounds gorgeous.

  • Kara

    Cara, if you prefer C names. But I think that K adds some pizzazz. :)

  • Laurel

    A girlier, possibly trendier alternative to a common Lauren.

  • Marlow

    I've also seen a spelling of Marlowe, but I feel like the "E" is a bit too much for me.

  • Rory

    This unisex name seems to be used more often for boys, but I've always thought it more fitting for a girl.

  • Sable

    Alternative spelling is Sabel, but I think that Sable looks prettier.

  • Sadie

    Such a cutesy, girly name.

  • Sallie

    I think this is a less-used spelling of Sally, a way to add diversity to a common name. Although I love both spellings.

  • Stella

    I don't see why people say this name is fit for an old lady. I think it's young and trendy and fun!