'Al' Boys Names

Popular boys names like Alexander and Alfred all share an 'Al' sound, which also makes a great nickname. Here are a few of those 'Al' names. - Created by Olfnlord

  • Alan

    Quite an old fashioned name, Alan is a sweet alternative to popular names like Aaron.

  • Albert

    An Old Fashiones name, Albert can be overlooked as people think of 'Bertie' style nicknames, however Al is another alternative.

  • Albus

    Albus is an unusual name, mostly associated with the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Often thought of as too 'heavy' for a child, Al could be nicer.

  • Alcott

    This more unusual boys name is a fresh alternative.

  • Alden

    Also not as common, Alden is another fresh alternative with the 'Al' theme.

  • Alexander

    Though normally shortened to 'Alex' or 'Xander', Al can be a fresh alternative for Alexander.

  • Alfred

    Normally seen with nicknames 'Alfie' or 'Alf', Alfred could be another Al.

  • Alistair

    Alistair is a sophisticated boys name, and Al does well to lighten it up.

  • Alvin

    Though this name is normally associated with the chipmunks, Alvin could be a possible alternative to the more popular Al names.

  • Alastor

    A variation of Alistair, Alastor is an unusual alternative.