girl names

This is a list of all my favorite girl names including nick names - Created by lilly_1d

  • Aaliyah

  • Addalyn

    addy or addie for a nickname

  • Alayna

    i like to spell it this way but it can also be spelt elena alena or however

  • Analeigh

    pronounced aw-na-lee (this is supposed to be with the a's

  • Arabella

  • Avianna

  • Adrienne Adrianna

    either of those names i like and a nickname would be adrie

  • Blair

  • Blake

    i love this name as a girl name i got this out of a book and the kids middle name was darcy i just loved it

  • Brianna

    i like the spelling that way but it could also be breanna

  • Brooklynn

  • Charlie

    my cousins name is charlotte but we call her charlie but i also know another kid just named charlie and i prefered it that way

  • Delilah

    i have been in love with this name for years now and i love the way it just roles of my tongue

  • Eden

    i got this name from eden wood in toddlers and tiaras

  • Eleanor

    at first i didnt like this name but louis Tomlinson girlfriend name is Eleanor and she is so pretty so i loved the name

  • Ever

  • Everly

  • Genevieve

  • Hadley

  • Halia

  • Halle

  • Hattie

  • Ireland

  • Iris

  • Isabelle

    you could spell it Isabel or any other way and for nicknames though i like izzy belle or bella

  • Jazlynn

    the nickname would be jazzy

  • Jo

  • Jordyn

  • Kayley

    also spelt kayleigh kaylee

  • Kylie

    could also be spelt kiyley kiley

  • Lacey

  • Layla

  • Layne

  • Lexi

    also spelt lexie

  • Lucy

  • Lennon

    i got this name from a girl on youtube

  • Mackenzie

  • Macy

  • Mckenna

    nickname kenna

  • Micaela

  • Natalie

  • Paisley

  • Peyton

  • Quinn

  • Ridley

    i got this from beautiful creatures

  • Sadie

  • Scarlett

  • Sienna

  • Sierra

  • allison,allyson

    for a shorter name it would be ally

  • brielle briella

  • jacalynn

    the nickname would be jacy

  • jadalynn

    the nickname would be jadyn

  • mckaiya

    pronounced mic-ki-ya

  • preston

  • prim

    yes, off of the hunger games

  • talaina