Usable Alternatives for Nerd Names

Please don't force your love of various fictional characters onto your children. Try these instead! Perhaps they'll keep your kid from having to explain his/her name every single day. (Let me know if you have suggestions.) - Created by Contessina

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  • Angel

    This is, of course, a traditionally male name where Spanish is spoken (pronounced AHN-hel). If you want to reference RENT and pronounce it Angel, I suggest choosing it for a daughter.

  • Aria

    double feature! You've got a reference to Arya Stark as well as the elf from Eragon, yet your children's friends won't judge them!

  • Brian

    I agree: Dumbledore's a cool dude. Show you're a true fan by honoring him with a name casual fans might miss. (He is, after all, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.)

  • Cora

    I know Korra from The Legend of Korra is hardcore (no pun intended), but your daughter will be asked "how do you spell that?" a lot less if you choose this spelling.

  • Danielle

    Ah, Game of Thrones. I love this series because so many of the names are easily adaptable! Call Danielle "Dany." You'll get the reference, and that's what matters. Same with little Ned (Edward) and Bran (Brandon).

  • Dove

    Even though Game of Thrones has many normal names with creative spelling, there are some fantasy names. Ex. Sansa. Now YOU have to get creative. On the show, she's often called Little Bird. Try Dove, Wren, Lark, Raven, or even Birdie.

  • Elle

    Try this instead of just "L" to pay homage to L Lawliet from Death Note.

  • Harmony

    This is quite similar to "Hermione" from the Harry Potter series, but won't make everyone compare your daughter the talented witch.

  • Holmes

    This is the most recognizable-as-nerdy name on this list, but I still think it's okay. Sherlock MIGHT be acceptable if you put it on a girl (Shirley), but you didn't hear that from me.

  • Samuel

    Okay: I know you were set on Samwise, but Samuel is really close. Esp if you pronounce it "Samwell."

  • Sky

    Another acceptable alternative for Sora (check the meanings), Sky is unisex.

  • Soren

    I totally understand why you love Sora from Kingdom Hearts, but a little boy growing up in America might fair better with a more masculine-sounding name (sorry to perpetuate gender stereotypes).

  • Theo

    or even Theodore. This is more tried-and-true version of Theon (though I'm not sure why you want Mr. Greyjoy to be your child's namesake in the first place).