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French words, and names of French origin. - Created by Jinks_blinks

  • Alphonsine

    female version of Alphonse. Meaning "noble".

  • Amandine

    French form of Amanda.

  • Anaïs

    Occitan and Catalan form of ANNA. Pronounced: a-na-EES.

  • Anouk

  • Anselme

    meaning "gods protection".

  • Apollinaire

    French form of Apollinaris. Meaning "strength".

  • Armand

    Meaning "Army man".

  • Bijoux

    French, meaning "jewels".

  • Benoît

    Pronounced Ben-wah-r, meaning "blessed".

  • Cherie

    French, meaning "Dear".

  • Corentin

    Meaning "hurricane".

  • Cosette

  • Châtaigne

    French word, means "Chestnut."

  • Citrouille

    French word, meaning "Pumpkin".

  • Concombre

    French word, means "Cucumber".

  • Dorian


    meaning "cherished" and "wished".

  • Esme

  • Gingembre

    French word, meaning "Ginger".

  • Inou

    French word, short for "inoubliable" meaning "Unforgettable". Alternative spelling: Inoux..

  • Jolie

    French, meaning "pretty".

  • Léon

  • René

    meaning "reborn".


    Meaning "Whole, universal" and "Power".

  • étoile

    French, meaning "star".

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