"who is like the Lord"

Micah Origin and Meaning

The name Micah is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "who is like the Lord".

Traditionally a boys’ name, now increasingly used for girls too, Micah has the potential to be an alternative for Michaela, Mia, or Maia. If you'd prefer something more established as a feminine name, you could try Micaiah, a unisex name from which Micah derives, or the German variant of Mary, Meike, which is pronounced the same. Micah had been in the US Top 1000 since the 1980s, but recently dropped off in 2022. Nevertheless, over 200 girls are still called Micah each year and with increased interest in gender neutral names, it could well be back in 2023. Notable namesakes include Canadian ice hockey player Micah Zandee-Hart, singer Micah Marah, and Olympic swimmer Micah Lawrence Sumrall.

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Famous People Named Micah

  • Jodelle Micah FerlandCanadian actress
  • Micah EdelsteinAmerican chef, "Top Chef" contestant

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  • Micahthirty,third book in the Bible