Animal/Nature Names with Flare

Some natural name choices. - Created by Stormshine

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  • Azalea

    A blossom name that are much more stand-alone then "Rose" or "Lily".

  • Birch

    A tree name that has been hanging around for a few years now.

  • Cloud

    A fluffy, hippie-ish name that is so much cooler than conventional choices like Sunshine and Rainbow. And can be used for either gender.

  • Clover

    A lucky nature name.

  • Crane

    A bird name, graceful and beautiful.

  • Falcon

    A bird of prey, a very strong name.

  • Fox

    A cute little animal name, may be a tricky pick for parents.

  • Jade

    A precious stone name that can be used for either gender.

  • Juniper

    A shrub name that has a bright, bouncy quality.

  • Laurel

    A tree name, one of my favorite nature choices.

  • Lavender

    A color and plant name, and from Harry Potter.

  • Lilac

    A color and flower name, very similar to its sibling Lavender

  • Linden

    A tree name that I love.

  • Marigold

    A flower name, very optimistic and happy.

  • Myrtle

    An old nature name that may resurface with "Hazel" and "Mabel".

  • Pearl

    A sweet, smooth precious stone name that has been coming back from the retirement home scene.

  • Poppy

    A blooming flower, a new choice that has been popular in England but has begun to migrate across the ocean to the States in recent years.

  • Robin

    A bird name that could be used for a boy or girl.

  • Rowan

    A tree name, a nice sturdy name.

  • Ruby

    A bright precious stone name that has soared in popularity in recent years.

  • Scarlett

    A color name with lots a spunk.

  • Sky

    A floating, free-spirited name that screams hippie. Add an "e" and it becomes a Scottish place name.

  • Spring

    The least used of the season names, I find it very cute. Also can be a mystical body of water.

  • Wolf

    A cool choice for any boisterous little boy.

  • Wren

    A cute, quite bird name.

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