favorite girl names

- Created by Juno

  • Alice

    I prefer the Welsh spelling Alys, but I'm afraid it looks like a yoonique spelling, instead of a foreign version

  • Amalie

    love, love, love this name. Prefer the German spelling (ama) to the French (ame), I think it would be easier for gringos to pronounce.

  • Anika

    I think I prefer the Dutch spelling Anneke, but this may be more accessible.

  • Anneke

  • Annika

  • Beatrix

    I adore this name, but the potential nn Trixie is horrid, imo.

  • Carissa

  • Cecily

  • Clara

  • Cora

    could be a nn from Cordelia.

  • Cordelia

    a bit too flowery for me, but I still love it, and it has so many nn options!

  • Diana

    love! but would she be called Diane?

  • Eleanor

  • Eliza

  • Elsa

  • Esme

    con: hard for people to spell/understand

  • Felicity

    the perfect name?

  • Fiona

    I know, I know -- she's an ogre -- but she's such an inspiring character, perhaps the best Disney princess.

  • Helen

    Can't decide if I prefer Helen or Helena

  • Irene

  • Iris

  • Mae

  • Maeve

  • Marlowe

  • Miranda

  • Naomi

    perhaps my favorite.

  • Phoebe

  • Rose

    getting too common?

  • Ruth

  • Susannah

    I like it with the h, without the h, and I like the Hebrew original too - Shoshana

  • Tessa

    could be nn for Esther or Elisabeth

  • Vivian

    I love all the varieties of Vivian, worried that it's rising in popularity rather quickly.

  • Viviana

  • Vivienne

    or Vivian, Viviana, Vivien

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