Auntie Jess' Nieces & Nephews

Here's a list of really great (differing kinds of great, too) names that I have given or plan on giving to some of my favorite little people before they're born. I call them fetus names... my sister prefers I call them in utero names, but she's not here now is she? - Created by muchachacristiana

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  • Aksel

    Jacob is going to have a brother come April. I call him Aksel (Baby A around his mum). Undoubtedly he'll go by a normal name like Caleb or Andrew once he's born.

  • Blaise

    I like how this one sounds with Slade and Aksel. Or if my other brother and his wife have kids it would work, too.

  • Haven

    I like how well this one fits with Wolff and Thorne. Where those two are so boy-ish Lark is so girly. Yet equally as unique I'd assume.

  • Lark

    A name that I honestly really like myself, but lets face facts, I'm neither married nor brave enough to name a child this, so to a potential niece it will go, because I will love her, too.

  • Portia

    Yes! This name sounds so lovely but its quite unique. A great younger sister for Aksel and Slade.

  • Raine

    Since I'm desperately hoping for a niece I decided to search for more names to use on the potential nieces that may be in my future.

  • Rebel

  • Ryker

  • Rogue

    Could be a boy's name... but I think of X-men and associate it with girls... either way... perfect fit for Slade and Aksel's potential future sister???

  • Scarlet

    I'd only use this one with my other brother and his wife (if they ever have a girlchild) since I like using first initials only once per sibset.

  • Slade

    My first (and so far only) nephew, who is now called Jacob, went by this name for a few monthes. But when I found out my sister-in-law didn't approve it became an under the radar name.

  • Shredder

  • Stryker

  • Thorne

    We have a good family friend with this as his middle name. Fits right in if you ask me.

  • Wolf

    I know this one may sound too scary for an infant but remember... these aren't going to be the children's real names!