♕Itⓐℓian ♀nⓐmes

List of lovely Authentic Italian names that aren't made up ((*if some are please point it out to me, I try my best to collect names that are have actual orgin in the country im retriving them from, so i spend a good bit of time making sure the names belong to the particular place im pulling them from.. so if I have a stray name that doesn't belong pls tell me*)) Some are old- fashioned others modern.. enjoy ღ ---------------------------------------------- Welcome to the world of romantic, feminine,and enchanting girl names that'll capture your heart and won't let it go.enjoy ღ - Created by amberglow

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  • Alessia

    (ah-LAY'-syuh)*commonly used and modern

  • Allegra

  • Annunziata

    pronounced; *common(ah-NOON-zee- AH-TAH) nickname; nunzia/nunziata

  • Ariana


  • Assunta

  • Addolorata

    pronounced (ah,-'DOE'-low,-'RAH-tah) *common

  • Alice

    pronounced (ah-LEE-cheh) * common

  • Bibiana

    pronounced ( bee-BYAH-nuh)*common

  • Carlotta

    car-LOW-tah/car-LOT-uh, modern

  • Chiara

    pronounced; (key-ARE-uh)

  • Cinzia

    pronounced ( CHEEN'-zee-uh)

  • Cirilla

    pronounced (chee-REE-lah)

  • Clelia

    pronounced (CLAY'-lee-uh,)

  • Concetta

    pronounced (con-CHET-uh)

  • Calogera

    pronounced (cah-LOW'-jeh-RAH

  • Dianora

    pronounced ( dee-uh-NORRR-uh) *triple R= roll the "r" like in rodriguez

  • Elettra

  • Fiammetta

    pronounced (FEE-ah-MET '*-tah,) *=shrt pause

  • Filomena

  • Fiorenza

  • Giada

    pronounced; (JAH-duh)

  • Gianna

    Pronounced (JAH-nuh but most pop. pronounced *gee-AH-nuh)

  • Ginevra

    pronounced; (gin-EHV-rah) *"ehv" just like the begginning of "ev"er

  • Gioia

    pronounced ( JOY-uh) my fave, old fashioned

  • Giuditta

    pronounced; (jew-DEE-tah) Italian version of Judith

  • Giulia

    pronounced (JEW-lee-UH) just like Julia

  • Giuseppina

    pronounced (juh-sep-PEE-nuh)

  • Ilaria

  • Lia

  • Lucia

    pronounced; (loo-CHEE-uh)

  • Luciana

    pronounced;( loo-CHEE-ah-NUH)

  • Martina


  • Mia


  • Nicola

    pronounced ( nee-COLA

  • Oriana

  • Ornella

  • Perla

  • Renata

  • Romina

  • Rosalba

  • Rosaria

  • Rossana

  • Sveva

    pronounced; (suh-VAY-vuh)

  • Tiziana

  • Valentina


  • Vittoria


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