Favorite Boy Names

Self explanatory - Created by PMaggieK

  • Asher

    I always liked Ashton but it's reputation is tainted and I feel like this is a more grown up, strong version. And Ash is cute for a boy's nick name.

  • Brady

    Slightly preppy but slightly nerdy, love the vibe.

  • Charles

    #1 choice for a boy, I'm obsessed with the name Charlie and Charles was my beloved grandfather's name. Out of his 32 (and counting) grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren, no one has chosen his name yet.

  • Davis

    I don't know if this is a "real" name but I love it.

  • Flynn

    So trendy but I'm obsessed and I think it's so manly.

  • Henry

    My father's name is Harry but he hates it, Henry is a sturdy, more modern substitute and a good strong name.

  • Lennox

    Less expected than Lennon with that awesome X at the end, this name rocks.

  • Neal

    My best friend's name. A Neal is someone you trust, someone you want to be your friend. It's classic without being overused.