Boys Names I Might Actually Choose

I'm pretty traditional on boys names, which doesn't give me a lot of room to avoid trends or find something somewhat unique for a future child. These are the ones that have passed the test for me. - Created by anniebee

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  • Abraham

    Love w nn Abe.

  • Arthur

    Royal, plus Artie is a cute nn.

  • Benjamin

    Ben is a nod to Reuben, Todd's great-grandfather. It's also just a really nice, simple name.

  • Bertram

    To get to Bert?

  • Cecil

    Family name. Different but still classic-sounding.

  • Daniel

    A nice option, though not my first choice.

  • David

    I don't care for the name as much, though it is a family name.

  • Douglas

    Not sure if I'd actually use this, but it's a family name and I like the sound as a full name. Do not like Doug.

  • Earnest

    An alternate spelling for Ernest with a nice meaning.

  • Edwin

    With nn Win is an Arcade Fire reference Todd will dig.

  • Everett

    Love w nn Rhett

  • Frederick

    Love the nn Fred or Freddie

  • George

    This could be cute on a little boy.

  • Gilbert

    Always been a favorite because of Anne of Green Gables.

  • Harris

    Maybe less trendy than Harrison?

  • Harry

    So cute. I love this name. Very British and who doesn't love Harry Potter? I worry about the prn in the US where it may turn into Hairy.

  • Henry

    I feel this name is far too popular to use, but I'd like it as a middle name to honor my ancestor that fought in the Civil War.

  • Hugh

    It's a bit of a non-name though.

  • Jackson

    I still love this name even though it's trendy now.

  • Jefferson

    I like the presidential reference, plus Jefferson was a gardener, which I love. Todd will not go for but oh well!

  • Joachim

    I'm not sure I'd ever use this, especially given that it's so religious in meaning, but I have a large number of ancestors with this name, so it would be a nice nod to my past.

  • Jude

    Might be more popular than I think.

  • Louis

    Family name

  • Loyal

    Not exactly common, but classic and a nice meaning.

  • Oliver

  • Paul

  • Peter

  • Richard

    Family name

  • Robert

    Love nn Bobby and Bert.

  • Samuel

    A solid choice. I love the nn Sam.

  • Theodore

  • Thomas

    Classic name.

  • Walden

    I like the literary reference and the zen-ness of this name.

  • Warren

    Sounds strong.

  • Winston

    I wish my stepsister hadn't named her dog this.