Exceptional 'E' Names!

Today, names that start with 'E' have been on my mind. So in honor of the lovely vowel here are some 'E'xceptional names: - Created by muchachacristiana

  • Eden

    Super modern sounding even though its a historical name.

  • Edith

    Classy and old fashioned (in a great way)! I think Downton Abbey, Dispicable Me... yes, its good.

  • Edmund

    Yay! That's all...

  • Eleanor

    Great Aunt Eleanor (unfortunately pronounced El-ner by us hicks in the midwest) was a wonderful woman as are so many other Eleanors.

  • Elia

    I know an energetic and fun-loving kid named Elia... but he's still kind and amiable. I like this variation of all the great El- boy names.

  • Elias

    Sounds a bit more mature and broody than Elia (in a good way...)

  • Elijah

    My favorite Biblical boy name: its handsome and noble sounding I think.

  • Ella

    Fitzgerald... need I say more?

  • Elliot

    I love this name. It exudes hunkyness if you ask me.

  • Emery

    Taken from the name of one of my favorite bands I've finally decided that this name sounds best on girls.

  • Emma

    Sickeningly popular but still undeniably cute...

  • Emmett

    Another name that seems like instant hunk... but I don't actually know anyone named Emmett... so maybe its too jock-ish... ?

  • Esther

    I lived with an Esther once. She was (and is) sweet and gentle and a bit of a perfectionist, a far cry from the bold queen from the Bible... regardless, I like this name.

  • Evelyn

    If my sister (Elizabeth!) hadn't already staked her claim on our grandmother's perfect and lovely name...

  • Ezekiel

    This name is growing in popularity among my circle of friends and family... I think its great.

  • Ezra

    Like Ezekiel... its becoming popular and has a great unique Biblical flavor to it.