Wine Names

There are so many great possibilities for names connected to wine - whether you come from a winemaking family or just enjoy drinking the stuff! - Created by Let_it_grow

  • Airen

    Grape variety grown in Spain

  • Aramon

    historic French grape variety

  • Bacchus

    for the Roman god of wine

  • Brunello

    After Brunello di Montalcino, an Italian wine

  • Chardonnay

    Though this one sounds a little stripper-y

  • Claret

    Alternative to Clara

  • Cooper

    Wine is aged in barrels, after all

  • Chai

    A wine shed

  • Cuvée

    A blend of wines

  • Dionysus

    for the Greek god of wine

  • Gavi

    Italian wine

  • Grüner

  • Loire

    French wine region

  • Macon

    French red and white wines from Burgundy

  • Madeira

  • Mead

    The name for wine made from honey

  • Merlot

    Alternative to Merlin, could be spelled Merlo if you wanted to make the wine connection less obvious

  • Meursault

    French wine growing area in Burgundy

  • Sherry

  • Syrah

    A variety of red wine grape

  • Urban

    Another patron saint of winemakers

  • Vin

  • Vina

  • Vincent

    Patron saint of winemakers

  • Vitis

    from the latin name for the grape: vitis vinifera

  • Véran

    Another Burgundian wine area

  • Webster

    1.5L of wine

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