Christmas Girl

Want an older name to reinvent that can be made into a cuter nickname. Unusual but not far-fetched. This girl is due on December 13 - the name's day of her stillborn sister Lucia (St. Lucy's day for those that celebrate it) - as well as the birthday of her grandfather, John. Her older brothers are Finnian Robert and Nathaniel Dietrich. - Created by dawnanawilliams

  • Blythe

    Longtime favorite from song in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing

  • Cecilia

    Patron of music - check, but means blind...

  • Elodie

  • Helena

    Lena seemed an awesome nickname until we moved to Germany where it is so trendy, ad nauseum..

  • Jane

    My mother's name, also remembering such literary favorites as Jane Austen and Jane Eyre.

  • Jean

    After her grandfather as well as a special late friend of ours, Jeanne.

  • Lilian

    Liliana or Lily, Jean after grandfather and uncle (John) and a special friend late-friend Jeanne.

  • Margaret

    Obvious choice as it is the name of both of my grandmothers, but there is a shortage of obvious nicknames (i.e. not Molly or Masie) besides Greta or Marge.

  • Marian

    After all, it is a Christmas child - and Robin Hood's Lady Marian is a favorite romantic heroine.

  • Meria

    Not a complete name, but after Mary - with a Meri nickname.