Better Than Aiden, Brayden, & Caden

Teachers are tired of confusing all their students with the Aiden rhyme scheme that has been sweeping the nation... Aiden, Brayden, Caden, Hayden and Jaden-- which all appeared on the Social Security Top 1000 popular baby names list since 2006. When one combines all the variations of spelling, Aidan becomes the number one most popular name! Jayden becomes 15th and Caden becomes 22nd. In the 21st century alone there are now over 400,000 Aidens in America. These alternatives have an Aiden feel to them but aren't as trendy. - Created by sundancer

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  • Austin

    AWS tin. Latin. Venerated.

  • Brendan

  • Devon

    de VON. English. Men of Devon

  • Dylan

    DIL an. Welsh.

  • Ethan

    EE than

  • Evan

    Eh van. Hebew. God is gracious

  • Finn

    FINN. Gaelic. Fair.

  • Gavin

    GAV in. Welsh. White hawk of battle.

  • Kieran

    KEER ahn. Gaelic. Little dark one.

  • Liam

    LEE um. Hebrew. My people.

  • Logan

    LO gun. Gaelic. Hollow

  • Landon.

    LAN don. English. Long hill.

  • Nolan

    NOE lan. Gaelic. Champion.

  • Odin

    OH din. Norse. Inspiration, frenzy

  • Ogdan

    AWG den. English. Oak valley

  • Olin

    OH len. English. Holy.

  • Owen

    OH wen. Gaelic. Well-born.

  • Peyton

    PAY ton.

  • Sheridan

    SHARE ih dun. Gaelic. Long lived treasure.

  • Teagan

    TEE gan. Gaelic. Little poet.

  • Tevin

    TEH vin. Gaelic. Beautiful at birth.

  • Tiernan

    TEER nan. Gaelic. Lord.

  • Tobin

    TOE bin. Hebrew. God is good.

  • Torin

    TOR in. Gaelic. Chief; thunder.