Names From Harry Potter

A list of names from the popular Harry Potter book series. - Created by PinkPenguin87

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  • Albus

    Latin- white; 1st name of Hogwarts Headmaster

  • Alicia

    English- Of Noble Kin; Gryffindor; Gryffindor House Quidditch team chaser

  • Angelina

    Italian- Messenger of God; Gryffindor; Gryffindor House Quidditch Captain (book 5),

  • Arthur

    Welsh- bear; Mr. Weasley's first name

  • Bellatrix

    Latin- female warrior; Death Eater, Lord Voldemort's most devoted/loyal follower

  • Cedric

    English- Beloved; Hufflepuff, Hogwarts first champion of the Tri-Wizard tournament, killed by Voldemort

  • Charlie

    English- free man; second Weasley son,

  • Colin

    English- a derivative of the French and Greek Nicholas, meaning 'victory of the people'; a young Gryffindor, who is Harry Potter's biggest fan.

  • Cho

    Japanese- butterfly, Ravenclaw; Harry Potter's first love interest

  • Dean

    English- from the valley; Gryffindor, Harry Potter's year

  • Draco

    Italian/Latin- Dragon; Syltherin, same Year as Harry Potter, Harry's school arch-rival

  • Dudley

    English- Clearing; Harry Potter's Cousin, a Muggle who redeams himself slightly in the last book

  • Fleur

    French- Flower; a beautiful girl, part Veela, who Harry first meets during the Tri-Wizard tournament, a bit shallow and full of herself, later marries Bill Weasley

  • Fred

    English- peace ruler; Weasley Twin

  • George

    Greek- farmer; Weasley twin

  • Gregory

    English- watchful, alert; Slytherin, Harry Potter's year, one of Draco Malfoy's goons (aka Goyle)

  • Ginerva

    Ginny;Italian- fair one; only Weasley daughter, youngest child and eventually Harry's love interest, then his wife

  • Hannah

    Hebrew- grace, Hufflepuff; Harry Potter's year

  • Harry

    English- army ruler/leader; The title chracter; this name is fitting, seeing as how his saga plays out

  • Hermione

    Greek- pillar queen; Muggle-born, Harry's other best friend; the brightest witch of her age

  • James

    Hebrew- supplanter; Harry's middle name; named for his father, James Potter

  • Katie

    English- pure; Gryffindor, Gryffindor House Quidditch team Chaser

  • Lavender

    English- purple flower; Gryffindor, Harry Potter's year

  • Lily

    English- lily flower; Harry's mother

  • Lucius

    Latin- Light; Draco's father, Death Eater

  • Luna

    Italina- moon; Ravenclaw; a year behind Harry; an odd girl, but ends up becoming one of Harry's closest friends

  • Molly

    English- sea of bitterness; Mrs. Weasley's first name

  • Narcissa

    Greek- sleep, numbness; Draco's mother, Death Eater

  • Neville

    French- New Town; Harry Potter's classmate; starts out as a weakling, but ends up becoming quite a hero by the final book (and this User's favorite HP character!)

  • Nymphadaora

    Greek- Gift of the Nymphs; Auror, more commonly known by her surname, Tonks

  • Oliver

    English- Elf Army; Gryffindor, Quidditch captain (Books 1-3)

  • Padma

    Indian- Lotus Plant; Ravenclaw, Harry Potter's year; Patil twin

  • Parvati

    Indian- Daughter of the Mountain; Gryffindor, Harry Potter's year; Patil twin

  • Percy

    French- pierce valley; third Weasley son

  • Petunia

    English- Petunia Flower; Harry Potter's Aunt, a horribly mean Muggle

  • Remus

    from an ancient Roman myth, meaning unknown; James Potter's best friend, werewolf

  • Ronald

    English- counsel rule; (Ron) Youngest Weasley son, Harry's best friend and a hero in his own right

  • Seamus

    Irish- supplanter; Gryffindor, Harry Potter's year

  • Sirius

    Latin/Greek- burning star; Harry Potter's god-father; James Potter's best friend;

  • Susan

    Hebrew- lily flower, Hufflepuff, Harry Potter's Year

  • Tom

    Greek- twin; Voldemort's real first name, also the name of his father (who was a Muggle) Tom Riddle Sr.

  • Vernon

    English- Adler Tree; Harry Potter's Uncle, a horribly mean Muggle

  • Vincent

    Latin- conqueror; Syltherin, Harry Potter's year, one of Draco Malfoy's goons (aka Crabbe)

  • William

    English- strong willed; (Bill) Eldest Weasley son