Girls Names

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  • Allison

    Just an all around good name, and good NN Ali

  • Audrey

    Classic or do Audra

  • Avery


  • Camille

  • Cassandra

    maybe too heavy of aname, but like the nn Cassie

  • Claire

    Just a solid name, perhaps use as a MN. Like enough to use as first name though too.

  • Devyn

    Not sure for boy or girl

  • Eloise

  • Eve

    Love for first or middle name

  • Evelyn

    Classy name

  • Genevieve

    Nickname Eve

  • Gianna

    Only if I'd marry an Italian, absolutely love the name

  • Grey

    Love for middle name

  • Halle

    Great grandmother's name that I love (only family name on my list)

  • Harper


  • Jillian

    Makes me think of working out, but I do like the name

  • Kyla

    may be to similar to my name

  • Leah


  • Meredith

    classy name, not sure I would use

  • Molly

    cute name

  • Mae

    as a middle name to honor my grandma who was born in May

  • Margaret

    Nickname Margo

  • Olivia

    love, but very popular

  • Quinn


  • Rachel

    Popular name, like the way it sounds

  • Reagan

    All time favorite when I was pre-teen, fading too

  • Reese

    MN, not sure about using it for first

  • Sloane

    love this name more and more

  • Teagan

    I pronounce it TEA-gan, but I think it is actually pronounced TAY-gan

  • Tessa


  • Viviana

    Different take on Vivienne, which I love

  • Vivienne

    Love this classic name, NN Viv - swoon

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