Below the top 1k

Usable boy and girl names below the US top 1000, along with listed name meanings. - Created by Mrs_Micah

  • Allaire


  • Ambrose

    “Immortal one” nn Bo, or Bro

  • Anjali


  • Ansel

    Or Anselm-“with divine protection”

  • Ardyth

    “Flowering field” (Hebrew) nn. Ari

  • Audra

    Noble strength

  • Beatrix

    She who brings happiness/ blessed

  • Benji

    Diminutive of Benjamin or Ebenezer

  • Clover

    Botanical. Nn. Clo or coco

  • Coral

    Nature name. Nn Cora or Cori

  • Cypress

    Nn Cy. Botanical.

  • Eliel

    God is my God; unisex

  • Elodie

    Foreign riches. Form of Alodia

  • Elowen

    Star lady; elm. Nn. Ellie/Ella, Winnie. Pronounced “el-OWEN” traditionally, but also “EL-oh-when”

  • Emrys

    “Immortal one” ( Welsh) Variant of Ambrose

  • Evander

    Bow warrior, strong man. (Greek, Scottish) nn Van, Evan, Vander, etc.

  • Galilee

    Place name. Nn. Gal, Lil, or Lee.

  • Gilbert

    Shining pledge. Nn Gil, Gib

  • Gwyneth

    Blessed, happy

  • Hans

    Diminutive Variant of John/Johannes. “God is gracious”

  • Ida

    “Industrious one”

  • Idra

    “Fig Tree” Aramaic

  • Ignatius

    “Fiery” nn Iggy

  • Indigo

    Blue color. Nn. Indi

  • Ines

    Pure, virginal. Variant of Agnes

  • Inga

    “Guarded by Ing” Scandinavian

  • Jarvis


  • Josias

    God supports, heals. (Hebrew) Variant of Josiah

  • Kristoff

    “Bearer of Christ” Scandinavian variant of Christopher. Nn. Kit

  • Laith

    “Lion” (Arabic) In the top 1k in UK

  • Lexington

    Surname/ place name

  • Linnea

    Botanical (Scandinavian)

  • Mahalia

    “Tenderness, affection” ( Hebrew); version of Mahala

  • Malek

    King, wave. Variant of Malik

  • Maple


  • Marcella

    Warlike. Nn Marcie and Zella

  • Myron

    Fragrant plant, myrrh.

  • Nadine

    Hope. Pronounced nay-DEEN or nah-DEEN. French variant of Nadia

  • Ondine

    “Little wave” Nn. Onnie

  • Ozias

    Salvation (also spelled Osias) nn Oz, Zy,

  • Pascal

    Pas-CAL. Of Passover, Easter. Nn Cal. Cornish variant is Pascoe

  • Phaedra

    “Bright” nn Phae

  • Rialta

    “Deep brook” Italian

  • Rita

    Pearl; Diminutive variation of Margaret

  • Roscoe

    Deer forest (Norse)

  • Silvan

    Wooded, forest. Nn Van, Sill

  • Stellan

    Calm (Scandinavian)

  • Talulla

    “Lady of abundance” multiple spellings all below 1k. (Irish and Native American)

  • Thorin

    Brave, daring. (Norse)

  • Valka

    Strength, health

  • Valor

    Virtue name. Unisex.

  • Verity

    “Truth” nn Vera

  • Verner

    Protecting Army. (Scandinavian). Nn. Venn or Vern

  • Walden

  • Zamir

    Song, bird. (Hebrew)

  • Zinnia


  • Ziva

    “Brilliance, brightness” (Hebrew) also the month of Israeli independence.