Baby Girl July 2018

Compilation of potential names for our first daughter due in July 2018. Preference for strong girl names that are not super frilly with a good meaning and history. - Created by BarkingDonkey

  • Astra

    Space name meaning star.

  • Astrid

    Non frilly space name.

  • Calla

    Nature name as it is a type of lily. Greek for beauty.

  • Clementine

    Also my grandma's middle name (but she hates it).

  • Dove

    Potentially open to this as a middle name instead of Dovie.

  • Elora

    Another name whose origins are uncertain, but nice name from Willow. Prefer as middle name.

  • Emmeline

    I like the feminist roots and Emme/Emmi as a nickname.

  • Haven

    Place name. More of a recent invention.

  • Ione

    Not frilly, solid origin, visually appealing. Can call her Io.

  • Iris

    Goddess of the sea & sky, personification of a rainbow. Not sure I can disassociate it from the Goo Goo Dolls.

  • Juno

    Spunky, strong, non frilly girl's name with the option of going by June

  • Lyra

    Strong female literary character AND a constellation!

  • Lyra Marigold

  • Moxie

    My main dislike about this name is that its origins are a soft drink/slang.

  • Moxie Elora

  • Phoebe

    My #1 favourite name so far. Visually appealing, not overly frilly, a name people know but that I don't hear much IRL, good meaning (shining/brilliant) and a long history as a name.

  • Phoebe Elora

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