some funky nb names

So I'm a nonalgined/masc-of-centre enby (it fluctuates) and I gotta change my name!!! These are the ones I'm considering that I feel reflect my gender well :) (i'm gonna put these all as M because I'm lazy and they're all masc/gender neutral anyway????) - Created by seventytwosuns

  • Ash

    perfectly neutral!!! went by it in like year 7!! i like this!!

  • Aspen

    i'm kinda going by this a little bit but i don't feel like this'll be my 100% name it feels kinda off

  • Finn

    I'd get so many comments about finn wolfhard wouldnt i

  • Greyson

    i've always liked the name grey/gray/greyson/grayson?

  • Jack

    jack used to be my name and i like it!!! it felt too masc at the time but idk i like it??

  • Miles

    I like it with an i too shh

  • Myles

    I love the name Miles but I feel that's too,,,, male???? It just seems more enby with a y

  • Ollie

    this is a sweet pretty soft masc name!! only thing is i know i dickhead called Oliver oops

  • Wren

    this is nice but the real question is does my brain see it as too fem