Positive Post-Apocalyptic Names

Names for after the apocalypse, but ones that speak of hope and growth instead of death and despair, for those who intend to make a new, better world. - Created by RheyninMoon

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  • Amity

    Could be called Amy

  • Andromeda

    Andi, Roma, or Meda might make good nicknames

  • Azariah


  • Arbor


  • Birch

  • Cressida

    I think Cress works.

  • Elodie

    El is the obvious choice.

  • Fox

  • Galatea

    Gal? Or maybe Tea (pronounced te-ah)

  • Genesis

    Genny is a cute nickname. Also Nessie, if you're into that.

  • Gideon

    Gi or Gid works here

  • Halcyon

    Hal for short.

  • Keziah

    Kez, or maybe Ziah could be cute

  • Leda

  • Nova

    Novi might make a cutesy diminutive

  • Oberon

    I like Obi as a nickname

  • Orion

    Ori, Ri, or Rion

  • Rigel

  • Serenity

    Also called Seren, or just Ren.

  • Sorrell

  • Starling

    I think Star would be the way to go hete

  • Sylvan

    Sy, Syl, Van could work as nicknames.

  • Tranquility

    Quill makes a nice nickname.

  • Unity

    Also called Una

  • Valor


  • Victory

    Vic or Vicki

  • Zephyr

    I'd go with Zeph