* Gun Names *

For firearms enthusiasts and other fans of general ass-kickery. Screw the political implications: No one is going to mess with a kid named Bullet. Please suggest more if you can think of any. - Created by itsjustme2407

  • Ammo

    You can tell people it's Italian and means love or some shit. But you'll know...

  • Artillery

    A don't-mess-with-me alternative to Arthur and other Art- names.

  • Beretta

    For a badass little girl. Nickname Retta has a cute southern vibe.

  • Bayonet

    Who's your bay?

  • Bullet

    He'll have a lot of fun telling people to bite him.

  • Cannon

    The big guns.

  • Colt

    Punchy and strong. As a bonus you can tell liberal friends that you just really admire the ferocity of young horses...

  • Caliber

    Little Cal will grow up to be a man of distinction...

  • Gauge

    Usually I see this name spelled Gage, but why not? Also a decent alternative to Paige, Cage, Sage.

  • Gatling

    Forerunner to the modern machine gun.

  • Howitzer

    An explosive alternative to all forms of Howard.

  • Kalashnikov

    For Russian name enthusiasts and fans of the AK series.

  • Magnum

    Not just a PI...

  • Remington

    Somewhat haughty. The implications are obvious yet subtle. Also good for fans of Remington Steele. Nicknames Remy, Mingo, Tony.

  • Rocket

    Also for NASA enthusiasts.

  • Ricochet

    Usually something to be avoided, but a cool alternative to all things Rick/Ric/Rico and Che/Shay.

  • Sig

    Of Sig Sauer.

  • Smith

    Of Smith and Wesson. Also gunsmith. Also Sex and the City (or so you can tell people who imply you're a redneck).

  • Thompson

    Good old Tommy gun, favorite of Prohibition era gangsters.

  • Uzi

    Hebrew meaning my power. Yeah, that fits...

  • Wesson

    Of Smith and Wesson. Far less trite alternative to Wesley.

  • Winchester

    The rifle. The demon-stabbing hotties. What's not to love? Nicknames Win, Chess, and Chester for boys and Winny for girls.