Namenutt's Top Girls Names

Girls names I would love to use - Created by Namenutt

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  • Arya

    I love this name and is one of my SO's Favourite on my list, but I think I love other names more. I admit I came across it from Game of Thrones, but it does bother me that people will naturally also assume that.

  • Cecily

    So feminine & frilly in a good way, I would use this for a sister to Coraline.

  • Cora

    I intend to use Cora if I have a girl, I LOVE IT. Popularity on the internet bothers me a little, but I don't think it will be the same in my country.Sounds so up-beat & sophistcated to me, also love the connection to the sea, again symbolising freedom to me. I also love that it is a euphnism for Persephone, I love the story around these two names.

  • Coraline

    If I could I would use this name and shorten it to Cora, bur my SO would prefer Coralie, which I could live with as long as I get my Cora :)

  • Genevieve

    Beautiful name, would honour my SO's late father, but not sure as he was very young when his father died.

  • Liah

    'L' names, so whispy, delicate & feminine

  • Lianna

    I love 'L' names & have loved this one for almost as long as I have loved Skye

  • Lily

    Lily, Lyra, Lyla, Leila, Luna... Love 'L' names!

  • Robin

    I love this name & it would honour my SO, John Robert, but he doesn't like it

  • Ruby

    Again I love the feminine sound & feel of this name, love the nn's Rue & Bee

  • Scarlett

    I love the sound & the feel, I can feel the colour scarlet, so feminine

  • Skye

    Has been my favourite name since...well, forever! I love the connectin to the Isle of Skye in Scotland - I've been & it's beautiful - & the that i naturally makes you think of a beautiful sunny blue-sky day. It symbolises freedom, no limits, to me: I would like to bring up my children to be whoever they want to be. It does bother me that it has 'cheap' or 'hippie' connotations for some people &, well, it doesn't pass the 'Presidents test' either :( but I really don't want to use it as a middle.

  • Stella

    Would be to honour future MIL & I love the connection to the Stars, also symbolises freedom, no limits.

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