"A" Names

I already made this list, but for some reason when I edited it the whole list was deleted. I didn't even accidentally click "delete this list" or something. But whatever. - Created by olivapuz

  • Adecyn

    Sounds like Addison, but spelled more creatively. Addie would be cute, but I think Cyn or Cyna would also be a nice nickname.

  • Adelaide

    My cousin's friend's name is Adelaide. You could also call her Addie.

  • Adler

    Could be girl name, but most likely I would use this for a boy. Reminds me of Adler Planetarium.

  • Aine

  • Alex

    I would never use this for a boy, but I would use it for a girl. I don't like Alexa or Alexandra or whatever, so I figure plain Alex would be cute.

  • Alivia

    This is my name, so i wouldn't really be able to use it, but I still like it. Liv, Ali, Via

  • Anaise

  • Aspen

  • Austen

  • Ashe

    If I used this for a boy, I would change the spelling to Ash.