My Favorite Girl Names

- Created by Robomantic

  • Alice

    Allie. In Mamaw's honor/ Alice in Wonderland (tattoo).

  • Allison

  • Charlotte

    Mom almost used this for me. Charlie/Chuck. Def. a fave.

  • Claudia


  • Crimson

  • Evelyn

  • Frances

    Frankie is an excellent nn.

  • Frankie

    See Frances.

  • Freya

    Like the goddess. Josh kinda called dibs tho....

  • Gemma

  • Holland


  • Jolene

  • Jolie

  • Kieran

  • Louise

  • Luna

    Lu, Lulu, etc. Also reminds people of mattresses, granola bars, harry potter, etc. Hm...

  • Lyra

    His Dark Materials ref.

  • Lumi

    Finnish for "snow", but sounds like Loony...

  • November

  • River

    Tam, not Song. Too many Whovian friends to distance from that reference...

  • Ruby

  • Scarlet

  • Seraphina

  • Sian

    Pronounced like Shawn.

  • Starling

  • Storm

    No comment needed.

  • Violet

    Favorite color of myself and the daddy :) Vi, Lettie?, Flower name!

  • Zarya

  • Zelda

    Yup, like the princess.

  • Zoe

  • Zoia

  • Zora

    Slovak connection/ Zelda connection.

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