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  • Adelaide

    “noble, nobility”, German; variant of Adelheid

  • Aksel

    "the father is peace", Danish; variation of Hebrew Absalom

  • Alasdair

    "defending men", Scottish variation of Alexander

  • Alastrina

  • America

    "ruler of the home", Old English

  • Amethyst

    gem and color name

  • Andromeda

    "advising like a man", Greek mythology name

  • Archer

    "bowman", English

  • Argentina

    Place name

  • Aria

    "air, lioness", Italian, Hebrew

  • Artemis

    "moon goddess", Greek

  • Arturo

    Italian and Spanish variation of Arthur

  • Arwen

    "noble maiden", Welsh

  • Asta

    “like a star”, Greek

  • Astrid

    "divinely beautiful", Norse

  • Atalanta

    "mythical, mighty huntress", Latin

  • Athena

    "wisdom, War goddess", Greek

  • Aurelia

    "the golden one", Latin; aw-REEL-ya

  • Aurora

    "dawn", Latin

  • Aviana

    “bird”, variation of Avis; Latin

  • Absalom

  • Aires

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