A List of Awesome "A" Boy Names

Collection of the best boys names beginning with the letter "A". I love all these names and would use them myself. I hope you enjoy this list and I hope this helps you with your name selection! - Created by Vtor

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  • Aaron

    Biblical, strong, handsome and classic.

  • Abel

    Abel is a biblical name, classic and traditional that has now become an awesome modern name. Amy Poehler has a son with this name.

  • Ace

    Definitely a bad boy name, perhaps you could use this awesome name to honor your love of cards?

  • Acton

    Another handsome place name.

  • Adam

    A beautiful biblical boy's name.

  • Aerick

    An awesome alternative to the name Eric, a very strong and confident sounding name.

  • Aidan

    An on trend ever growing popular name. Alternative spellings to this name are Aiden, Ayden, Aydan, Aden.

  • Ajax

    A place name that follows the hard sound boy name trend.

  • Alaric

    A very handsome baby boy's name.

  • Alban

    This a more usable modern alternative of the name "Albus" meaning white.

  • Albert

    Classic and timeless, this was the name of Queen Victoria's husband, and the first name of Albert Einstein. This gorgeous name happens to be my nephew's middle name.

  • Alden

    A very handsome boy's name.

  • Alec

    A diminutive of Alexander, it is handsome and follows the hard sound boy name trend.

  • Alexander

    A timeless classic, although very popular.

  • Alfred

    Another classic and timeless name.

  • Amedeo

    An Italian name, but also another form of the more know Amadeus (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), perhaps this is a wonderful oh honoring your love of music?

  • Anchor

    An awesome word name for your strong little boy.

  • Anderson

    A very strong name, previously a surname, it has become a more usable first name with the famous Anderson Cooper.

  • Anthony

    This is base form of the more common "Tony", extremely handsome and classic.

  • Archer

    An occupation name, very strong and handsome.

  • Archie

    A diminutive of Archibald with a fresh take.

  • Arden

    A unisex name, but very handsome name all the same.

  • Aries

    The God of War in Greek mythology, a very strong name.

  • Arno

    A very handsome modern name. It is used as the main character's name in Assassin's Creed. "Arlo" is also a good alternative.

  • Arrow

    A very handsome word name, with a very strong meaning.

  • Arthur

    A very royal name ready for revival. Perhaps you could name your little prince Arthur after many great kings?

  • Artis

    A wise and strong name for your little one.

  • Asher

    An awesome name, provides a good alternative to more known forms such as Ashley, Ashton or Ash.

  • Aspen

    A place name, very handsome and usable.

  • Atlas

    Another Greek mythology name, a very strong and confident name. Actor Edward Norton has named his son Atlas.

  • Atticus

    A To Kill a Mockingbird classic, a very handsome and strong name.

  • Audric

    A cool variation of the more popular Cedric.

  • Author

    Another occupation name, very modern and fun.

  • Axel

    Definitely a bad boy name, could also be spelled "Axyl".

  • Aynsley

    This happens to be my favourite variation of this name. Other spellings can include "Ainslie, Ainsley, Aynslie".

  • Abrax

    With the Lincoln trend running rampant, perhaps try using this variation of Abraham instead? "Abram" also provides a fun option.

  • Air

    A very elegant word name, it can also be spelled "Ayr" for flair or to change the meaning to a place name.

  • Annex

    An interesting word name.

  • Ariss

    Another place name, handsome and sweet all at the same time.

  • Aslan

    Definitely out there, but a gorgeous name with religious influences for your strong, handsome and brave youngster.

  • Auror

    Perhaps a male version of Aurora? This name is actually taken as an occupation name from Harry Potter. Interesting, strong and handsome.