55 Unisex Names Starting With J

Unisex names starting with J are surprisingly underused, considering J is the second most common initial overall. The two top J names used for both genders are James and Jayden, but both are far more popular for boys.

Along with James and Jayden, unisex J names ranking in the US Top 500 for either gender include Jordan, Justice, Jude, Jesse, Journey, and Juniper.

There are some great unique unisex J names to be found further down the rankings: from French favorite Jules, to Biblical Jericho, to punchy short forms Jet, Jazz and Jem.

Below, our full lineup of unisex names beginning with J. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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Top Unisex Names Starting with J

  • Jackson

    Cool name Jackson is one of the celebrisphere's top favorite boy names, having been chosen by, among others, Spike Lee, Poppy Montgomery, Carson... Read More 

  • Julian

    Julian was derived from Iulianus, which in turn came from Julius, the Roman family name from ioulos, a Greek term meaning “downy-bearded.” Julian was a 4th century Roman emperor, and St.... Read More 

  • Jasper

    Jasper originated as a variation of the Latin Gaspar, which ultimately derived from the Persian word ganzabara, meaning “bringer of treasure.” As a given name, Jasper’s etymology is... Read More 

  • Jordyn

    This variation of Jordan entered the Top 1000 in 1989Read More 

  • Journey

    One of the new word names, appealing to parents attracted to the idea of a spiritual -- or even an actual -- voyage. The Journee spelling is also being used. Unisex alert: Jenna Jameson used... Read More 

  • Juniper

    Juniper is a fresh-feeling nature name -- it's a small evergreen shrub -- with lots of energy. A new favorite of fashionable parents, Juniper joins such other tree and shrub names as Hazel,... Read More 

  • Jett

    Aviation enthusiast John Travolta put this fast-paced name in the lexicon when he used it for his late son, and George Lucas followed suit. Read More 

  • Jordan

    Originally used for children baptized in holy water from the river Jordan, it became one of the leading androgynous names of the nineties. As the... Read More 

  • Justice

    Justice is a fashionable word name, used for both girls and boys. Justice has the distinction of being a virtue name without the religious implications of Faith or Grace. It still feels more male... Read More 

  • Jamie

    Jamie is typical of the relaxed unisex names starting with J that seemed so cool in the sixties after decades of Jeans and Joans, though... Read More